Juggling Act: Read this Star Student’s Advice on Managing Life & College

business administration degree

Katelyn Neumaier

At Globe University-Madison East we like to think that we have many “stars.”  There is one, however, that is shining especially bright these days.  That star is Katelyn Neumaier. 

First, she is finishing up another stellar performance in her classes for the Winter term.  Second, she is just one quarter away from graduating with honors with a bachelor of science in business administration degree.  Last, but not least, she is six months out from her wedding date.  Katelyn has a lot on her plate including working two jobs and putting in time as a tutor in the Academic Skills Center.

When asked how she manages all of her responsibilities, Katelyn says it all comes down to time management. “I have learned to use the extra time I have to get work done so that I am not waiting until the last minute to finish everything.  Doing a little bit each day makes it a lot easier than cramming, and then you end up having more time to do other things that are important to you.”

Katelyn’s advice to her fellow Globe students: “There are always going to be things that are going to interfere with school, but you need to focus on the things you can change.  Going to school and bettering yourself is important, and don’t let things get you too down.”

With such a busy schedule, choosing Globe was a decision Katelyn is very happy she made. “Globe has allowed me to get my education without having to change my entire life in the process.  The classes were flexible, allowing me to work and go to school easily, and they also had online classes for even more flexibility.”

Business Program Chair Rick Mason says, “Katelyn is an exceptional student who is an inspiration to her fellow students.  She is a hard worker and dedicated to accomplishing her career goals.  She sets the standard for how to juggle multiple things at once and manage to do them well.  She has been a pleasure to have in our program and she will continue to raise the bar as she enters new phases in her life.  We wish her all the best and thank her for setting such a great student example.”

After graduation, Katelyn hopes to work in the marketing industry focusing on social media.  She is currently in charge of the Facebook page for a company and hopes to expand her social media knowledge while gaining more experience in marketing.