L.A. Bound: Passion for Music Fuels Student’s Journey

music business degreeBesides being an excellent student with perfect attendance, Amanda Jones, a music business degree student, revitalized the Music Industry Club. (M.I.C.) with the help of other music business team members. She spearheaded the development and launch of the M.I.C. website, reached out to local industry leaders to speak in class, created a series of events to enhance in-class studies with outside connections and experience, and put on fundraisers to help pay for it all.

Among the many extra-curricular events that Amanda is spearheading with M.I.C. is a weekend trip to the Self Employment In The Arts conference in Northern Illinois. She’s leading student teams who are doing everything from cooking spaghetti, baking cookies and kissing a pig to pay for it. From there, Amanda and M.I.C. segue into the production of a “Live Touring Panel” which will be filmed live and broadcast on public television through the Sun Prairie Media Center.

Through it all, Amanda has been working with other students on developing a cause marketing campaign for and with the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA). Part of the project consists of developing a compilation CD of Wisconsin artists to use as a fundraising tool for WSMA. From local to national, Amanda and M.I.C will be reaching out to a cross section of artists from Aaron Williams and Bon Iver, to Steve Miller, Garbage and Butch Vigs. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will help the WSMA keep music alive in high schools state-wide.

Amanda’s dream is to be an artist manager. She is passionate about music. In her own words she describes why.

“I am always plugged into music,” she says. “Music is the expression of my emotions and feelings. Music helps me to grasp an understanding of how I am feeling at any given moment throughout the day. It allows me to feel my passions that live deep within me, the ones that no one else in the world can feel or even begin to understand. Music creates life within me when I feel sad or upset. It gets me up each day. Music brings me hope because I never know what I will hear today that will inspire me tomorrow.”

After another music business panel the students were involved in, Amanda met Phil X, a world renown LA based studio musician who was one of the speakers. Phil told her that if she ever came to LA, he would help her with connections, advice and jobs. The very next week, Amanda bought a plane ticket and took him up on it. That trip made her realize that upon graduation from Globe, her destiny awaits in LA.

When she does hit the streets of LA, upon graduation with her music business degree, she’ll be armed with valuable resume material that she created through extra-curricular activities, a great school record and a heart full of passion to fuel the journey. Congratulations Amanda! You’re on your way!

By Jim Brandmeier, Music Business Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East