Lambeau Field Concessions – An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

With this year’s football season rapidly approaching, the Globe University-Wausau campus students and faculty are once again gearing up to work the Lambeau Field’s concession stands to earn money for the student clubs.  Currently in our second year of working the concession stands, the invitation has been extended to the other Wausau campus clubs to give them the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented fundraising opportunity, to give them an opportunity to walk the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field and to feel the excitement in the air during each of this year’s home games. It’s truly an experience not to be missed.

Lambeau FieldThis year’s pre-season began with a journey to the home of the Lambeau Leap to receive the required annual training from DNC (Delaware North Companies) Sportservice.  When asked why she was supportive of the idea, Kerry Miller-Mouzon, medical assistant program chair, stated, “I think this is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about teamwork while raising money for their clubs.  I thought the training was very worthwhile and I am uber-excited to work the games. Not everyone can say they worked concessions at the historic Lambeau Field”

As a member of the massage therapy program, Kimberly Grimm was the first student from campus to take the training this year and commented, “I was surprised on all the details that working at a Packer concession stand would actually entail. But I’m extremely excited to stand up as a Globe student, in this atmosphere, and raise money for our Massage Therapy Club.”

Prior to the launch of the team’s pre-season home games, we were able to send a few volunteers to the Green Bay Packer’s Family Night on August 3rd and got a small taste of the excitement this upcoming season has in store for the team and fans alike.

How do I get involved?

As the season progresses, we’re hoping that everyone who showed an interest in participating will take time to look at their upcoming schedules and find some time to participate on behalf of their program’s club.  As many of you have read in the campus-wide e-mails, shortly after we made the trip to Green Bay, DNC launched their on-line training as a more ‘user-friendly’ approach to help out their non-profit supporters – so now the hard part has been made easier for anyone interested.

All our students have to do is follow the instructions in the email sent out on August 28, 2013 and you’ll be on your way to joining us at Lambeau Field. Once you have completed the training and are ready to help at the concessions, please stop at the front entryway on campus to sign up for the day(s) that you want to volunteer.

Deborah Heeg, accounting program chair, summed up the Lambeau Field experience perfectly when she stated, “If you have ever been to a Packer game at Lambeau Field, the memory will stay engrained in your mind for a lifetime. Upon approaching the stadium in freezing temperatures, you are welcomed with the smell of brats steaming on small, charcoal grills, a sea of fans that are dressed in their yellow and green finery, and don’t forget those hats that look like wedges of cheese.  Only in Wisconsin would you find something like that!   With that said, the scene is set for football at its finest.  To be able to volunteer in concessions for the Packers makes one feel that you are somehow part of it all.  This will be a great venue for our Globe University Wausau club members to earn money for their clubs and have a means by which to give back to our Globe University student body and the community.”

By Phil Handrick, Business Program Chair