Learn These Top 7 Distinctions Between a DBA and a PhD

One of the most frequently asked questions by applicants for the DBA degree offered at Globe University-Minneapolis is: “What is the difference between a DBA (doctor of business administration) and a PhD (doctor of philosophy)?”

Globe University DBADr. Andrea Olson, Minneapolis Campus Program Chair, gave some much needed clarification around these distinctions.

The DBA and PhD are terminal doctoral degrees; however, there are many differences that distinguish the programs and should be considered when determining which degree will best support advancing a professional’s career goals. The Top 7 differences are:

1. A DBA is the highest level contemporary, professional business degree.

A PhD is the highest level traditional, research degree that includes a discipline-specific liberal arts and/or science focus, which may include a business topic.

2. The primary objectives of a DBA are to advance business solutions and applied research.

The primary objectives of a PhD are to advance research within a specific discipline and its scholarly applications.

3. DBA curriculum includes developing an innovative business solution.

PhD curriculum includes developing a discipline-specific scholarly thesis.

4. A DBA is focused on investigating business dilemmas, and creating an innovation model or solution.

A PhD is focused on examining research within a specific discipline and developing new research on a specific topic within the discipline.

5. The main outcome of a DBA is to demonstrate the ability to advance the application of a new business practice or solution.

The main outcome of a PhD is to demonstrate the ability to advance the research of a new theory or concept.

6. A DBA is a practitioner degree for MBA-prepared professionals.

A PhD is an academic degree for bachelor- or master-prepared scholars.

7. A DBA student focuses on advancing an industry/business practice through applied business research.

A PhD student focuses on advancing the implications of an industry/business theory through scholarly research.

Globe University DBA
Careful consideration of these top seven distinctions between a DBA and a PhD will help advance a professional’s decision to obtain a doctoral degree.

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