Minneapolis Rotary Club Welcomes Dr. Robert Kramarczuk

Each Friday afternoon, the Minneapolis chapter of the Rotary Club meets on the 50th floor of the IDS center. At a recent meeting, Dr. Robert Kramarczuk, Globe University-Minneapolis’ graduate program academic lead, was welcomed as a member and also as the featured presenter. Dr. Kramarczuk delivered an incredibly moving, candid story of how his family came to the United States and how education has played a vital role for himself and his family.

Dr. Kramarczuk being introduced to the Rotary Club

Born in Western Ukraine, displaced by the chaos of war, Dr. Kramarczuk and his family were captured by the German army and sent to a hard labor camp in Austria. Several months later they were liberated by the U.S. army and assigned to a displaced persons camp in Bavaria. After more than three years in the camp, his family applied for immigration to America. The family was sponsored by a sugar plantation owner in New Orleans, Louisiana. They arrived on March 11, 1950. In 1951, his family moved to Northeast Minneapolis with the assistance of St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Dr. Kramarczuk is a graduate of De La Salle High School, received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of St. Thomas, and his MBA and PhD from the University of Minnesota. He joined the University of St. Thomas as faculty in 1980 and was later appointed as the Director of the Small Business Institute.

In January of 1990, on behalf of IMD, a premier business school in Lusaunne, Switzerland launched the first ever MBA program in the former Soviet Union. Dr. Kramarczuk was the first professor to teach in the program. In 1991, he raised the funds, wrote the curriculum and recruited the first cohort of MBA’s for the Lviv Institute of Management. He served as LIM’s first chairman of the board. LIM recently celebrated its 23 anniversary.

Dr. Kramarczuk’s experience also includes:

•Associate Dean, College of Management, Metropolitan State University (1998-2002)

•Founder and Director of the Augsburg College MBA program (2004-2008)

•Founding Director of the Hamline MBA (2008-2012)

•Curriculum and Recruitment Specialist for Webster University (2012-current)

•Graduate Program Academic Lead for Globe University (current)

For his work in the Ukraine, he and 11 others were included as the first members inducted into the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences. In addition, he had the privilege of addressing Ukrainian Parliament on the country’s First Anniversary of Independence regarding the critical role of education as a catalyst to conversion from a command-driven system to a market economy.

Dr. Kramarczuk has been married to Dr. Maria Hordinsky, department of dermatology chair at the University of Minnesota, for 38 years. He is an avid photographer, cook, gardener, and sports fan (he even tried out as a kicker for the Minnesota Vikings). He has 7 children: Irene, second year dermatology resident at the University of California, Irvine; Catherine, graduating in December with a PhD from NYU; Alexander, first year law student at Georgetown University; Kristina, a senior, microbiology, pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Stefan, pediatrician; Adrian, entrepreneur, business owner and accountant, and Bianca, a full-time mother.

Dr. Kramarczuk, Jessica Spanswick and Emily Little at the Minneapolis Rotary Club

A screenplay has been written about the life of Dr. Kramarczuk, and he is currently working to produce a film based on the events that made him who is today. Dr. Kramarczuk is incredibly intelligent, wise and extremely humble. Globe University-Minneapolis is fortunate to have him as part of their team.