MSB Grad Shares Story of Downfalls and Achievements in New Memoir

Sometimes the path to our dreams can seem long and daunting.

For Victoria McGrew, it wasn’t always easy. She had an extremely tough time in school. She failed the third grade and dropped out in 10th grade.

“One reason I did so poorly in school as a child was because IMcGrew1 didn’t feel heard in class,” she said.

But later McGrew went on to get her GED and then challenged herself to go to college. That’s when she discovered Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center.

McGrew said she always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and chose MSB because of its focus on business; she attended the business administration program.

“At MSB, each instructor, whether on campus or online, was always attentive to my needs and performance. They were willing to work with me as an individual, and at my pace, even if it included meeting after class, phone calls, messages, and emails, or introducing me to tutors,” McGrew said.

She graduated December of 2007.

“At graduation, my accounting instructor, who work vigorously with me – even throughout my frustration – was there to cheer me on! I appreciated that, especially since my mother had passed away a month before my graduation, so all support was needed,” McGrew said.

McGrew said she was also hired two months before she graduated in a corporate office. black butterflyCurrently, she is a published author fulfilling her passion of writing. McGrew plans to write adult books and then convert them to books for children and teens which focus on self-esteem.

Her first memoir, “Black Butterfly”, talks about how attending MSB could not have come at a better time for her.

“MSB gave me a reason to keep on keeping on to pursue my goal of graduating. I was going through a very rough time in my life between the years of attending MSB, but one reason I couldn’t give up is because MSB gave me solace. At that period of time, I couldn’t have quit if I wanted to. MSB was comfort and escape for me at a time I needed it most. Thanks, MSB!!”  McGrew said.

Her memoir “Black Butterfly” is available at

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