Online Instructor Encourages Online Business Administration Student

business administration degree student and instructorLouise Krmpotic, a graduate from the business administration degree program at Globe University, was one of two students to share with us about her experience with online instructor, Laurie Haj Ashab. Laurie teaches Keyboarding online and goes above and beyond to help her students have success and gain confidence in their abilities. Here is Louise’s story, in her own words:

“My experience with online education began at Globe University when I had to take one of my first classes online.  I was nervous and worried about being alone with no one to help me.  While I struggled a bit through the first class, I did take a second class the following quarter. This class was Keyboarding and my instructor was Laurie Haj Ashab.

“Laurie’s kindness and friendliness surprised me. Laurie lived so far away from me yet I knew that I could reach her any time with just a phone call. She was so caring and supportive throughout the entire class that I realized this was a long-lasting relationship.  While my keyboarding class was ending, I knew that I would stay in touch with Laurie for many years.

Throughout my time with Globe University, I did stay in touch with her and Laurie promised that she would come to my graduation.  Laurie fulfilled her promise and when it was time for my graduation, Laurie booked her ticket from Maine to Wisconsin.

“I was so excited to meet Laurie in person and the day finally came.  It was such a pleasure to meet Laurie and spend time with her.  As a new graduate, Laurie continues to help me with my customer service skills, networking and supporting me.  I know that Laurie is just a phone call away and I want to thank her for everything that she did to support and encourage me.”