Plymouth Business Students Get Real-World Education at Norseman Distillery


The Operations Managements class from Minnesota School of Business, Plymouth, had the distinct opportunity to tour the operations of Norseman Distillery.  The Minneapolis-based company is the first micro-distillery in the area. In a few short years, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth and vastly becoming a local favorite.

Co-owner/operator Mark Bruemmer provided a detailed look of the processes and procedures necessary to support the business and answered the student’s questions. Two common themes constantly came up during the discussion. The first is Norseman’s commitment to superior quality. The company embraces a global sourcing focus in acquiring the very best ingredients to produce the very best products. The second is the company’s commitment to the consumers. Before anything new is implemented, the owners evaluate how the consumers will benefit and whether it is in their best interest.

The owners also take a distinct interest in the community, supporting other local organizations and purchasing locally whenever possible. The students were impressed with Mark’s dedication and commitment to the business as well as the business model employed by the business. Mark was able to share some of the challenges of running and growing a small business. These challenges included legal regulations, equipment capacity and meeting a growing demand.  The students were able to see the real-world application of everything that they studied in the Operations Management class this quarter.

The students walked away with a greater appreciation of what it takes and how to be successful. The business student’s of Minnesota School of Business – Plymouth are grateful for the experience and would like to thank Mark for his time and insight. Norseman has acquired a new set of fans and advocates.

By Tiray Johnson, Business/Accounting Program Chair at Minnesota School of Business, Plymouth Campus