Social Media Internship Strengthens Opportunities

By Laura Ankerson, business program student

Laura Ankerson, business student

On the right, Laura Ankerson, business student

Laura Ankerson, one of our business program students, recently completed an internship at the Volunteer Center of Brown County. This internship allowed her an opportunity to strengthen her social media skills while helping a community partner. Below we share an excerpt from her personal experience in her own words. Enjoy!

At the beginning of my internship, I was given an outline for my basic duties as the social media intern. They were pretty general and included the following: co-manage the center’s website and edit pages as necessary, learn about Facebook best practices and enhance the center’s offerings and engagement on Facebook, research the most effective ways the center can utilize LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, report finding and slowly implement suggestions, assist with general marketing efforts, educate staff about social media and how they can use it, and other media-oriented assignments as agreed upon.

The great thing is that I feel like I did all of those things and so much more! I did enhance the center’s offerings and engagement on Facebook. During that same timeframe I increased the number of Twitter followers, tweets, retweets, mentions, and favorite tweets by the Volunteer Center. I also increased engagement and awareness on their LinkedIn profile with more information in the profile and more posts than had been done before.

Overall this experience has been amazing. The practical use of social media, the research, blogs, tips, and course concepts that I can now say I’ve tried instead of just reading about has been invaluable. I appreciate this opportunity and the knowledge I have gained from it.

As singer and songwriter, Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I believe this with all my heart and that is one of the reasons that I plan to work with animals.

My internship was good for the Volunteer Center as well, and I know this because the director expressed hope that I would stay on after the completion of my internship. It is with happy thoughts and a smile on my face that I conclude this reflection paper by stating, without hesitation, “Yes Michael, I would love to continue working at the Volunteer Center!”