Student Spotlight: Business Management Student Jessica Readel

We wanted to introduce you to one of our amazing business management students, Jessica Readel. Jessica came to us after graduating with an associate degree from our sister school, IPR. Her dream is to work in the music industry as a concert producer. As you read her blog, you can’t help but sense her passion and commitment. As an instructor, I get to help our students make connections in the community and help them learn to be awesome employees. With students like Jessica, my job is easy. At the publishing time of this blog, Jessica is finalizing her internship with a local producer. Read about Jessica as she works hard to make her dreams come true.

Jessica Readel pursuing her lifelong dream of music production

The music business is my dream, and Globe University is going to help that dream come true!

I was 13 years old when I attended my first local DIY (do it yourself) show in Fargo, North Dakota. I fell completely in love. I still talk to some of the people I met that night at the Red Raven Expresso Parlor. I networked and made connections. I didn’t know that I was actually establishing relationships.

Networking with music people came natural to me. There is something so captivating about being in the same room as strangers and knowing that your taste in music is something you have in common.

There is so much energy in a room when music is being played live. The atmosphere is so lively it emits a natural high. I knew from the moment my first show ended that music was going to be my career someday.

For the next five years, I attended local shows and concerts with my first at the age of 15. While still in high school, my potential music career was never out of my mind. Since I was 18, I’ve been working on and off with bands and being involved with music as much as I can.

It was that same age when I decided what college I was going to attend. IPR was the only college to which I applied.

In September of 2012, I moved to Minneapolis to attend college. For 20 months, I strived towards the most important goal I ever had in my life. During this time, I fell even further in love with music and learned more than I ever thought I could.

Yes, I learned academically, but I learned more about myself, what I wanted, and who I wanted to be. I learned to slow down and cherish moments. I learned how to live with people, become an adult, and an all-around better person.

The connections the instructors at Globe University were able to make on my behalf allowed me to secure an internship with a local promoter. After I finish college at Globe University, I know that I will need to go wherever the music business takes me. I strive to be an important business person that people need to talk to.

I want to challenge myself daily, work with music, and work with people. My music business career will give me a diverse resume someday. Tour manager, performance rights organizations associate, copyright and licensing administer at a record label, band manager, talent buyer for an arena, or a manager for a large arena are just some of the things I hope to do someday.