Submitting Homework Assignments from Naval Ship in Sunny SoCal

As an active duty member of the Navy, business administration student Taylor Lenzen is able to travel the world while completing her degree online

Globe University-Online student, Taylor Lenzen, isn’t worried about getting sea sick while aboard the Navy ship she’s currently stationed on. Instead, the business administration student says she worries more about submitting her homework and discussion board assignments on time.

In our second edition of our military students blog series, we had a chance to catch up with Ms. Lenzen and find out how she manages to work full-time as an active duty member of the Navy in addition to the work she’s doing to finish up her degree in the business administration program. Here’s what she had to say on how she’s able to juggle it all:

What branch of the military are you in? Rank?

I am in the United States Navy and I am currently an E-4, Third Class Petty Officer.

Where are you currently stationed?

I am currently in San Diego, Calif. I am on a new ship and have yet to actually deploy. However, we have been to Mississippi, Cuba and Columbia. I will be getting out of the Navy a little less than a month before our first deployment.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your degree?

My parents have always pushed me to get an education, after joining; they saw education as a great benefit with the Navy paying for it. It took me awhile to actually get started though. A lot of my superiors and peers had really pushed me because they said their biggest mistake was not taking college classes sooner.

What are some ways you balance your time between your military duties and your education? Do you have any special tips for other active duty service members?

I am on a different schedule than most others in the Navy. Yes, I am on a ship, but I am a Culinary Specialist. We work two days and then get two off and have every other weekend off. I am able to work on school after I get off work (6 p.m.) or on my days off.

I also write down everything I need done in my planner and once certain things are done I put a check mark by it so I know I don’t have to worry about it. I suggest that to any student with a very busy schedule. It is important to stay on time, if not work ahead, especially because I go out to sea for a day to sometimes two weeks. Another tip is to communicate with your instructors, because they are there to help you and can work something out with you as far as extensions or just help with courses.

Can you think of a specific class or skill you’ve been able to apply outside the classroom to your career with the Navy?

I am taking a math class right now; my job also requires some basic math. The class just helps keep my mind fresh on math. I am also taking Films in Society, which doesn’t help with my job, but now when I watch movies, I tend to analyze them a little more. I don’t know everything by any means, but I notice a difference in the way a look at films now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years career wise? 10 years?

Oh boy, this question always gets me. I should be done with my schooling unless I take extra courses to specialize in a more specific field. I would love to be working for a veterinary clinic working on my dream to help animals. I cannot wait to start in a career that I am so passionate about. In 10 years I hope to be just as happy as I was at 5 years. I want to be moving up in my job and continuing to learn new things every day. I am not 100 percent what my veterinary job will have in store for me, or if I will branch off into another form of working with animals, but I am definitely excited!