The Power of Internet Marketing: Surge Soda

online marketingIf you have any doubt about the popularity and power of online marketing, check out what’s happening on Amazon. Do you remember Surge Soda? It was Coca-Cola’s version of Mountain Dew that came out in 1996. It was taken off the shelves in 2003. Well, it’s back and only available on Amazon. You won’t find it in stores.

Fans of the soda have been asking for a return of the product through the SURGE Movement fan page. With over 140,000 total likes, Coca-Cola noticed. Brands have been successfully using social media platforms to connect with their customers and this is a great example of fans using social media to connect with and influence a major brand.

While online sales make up less than ten percent of total retail sales, the number continues to grow every year. The majority of online shoppers are aged 25-54 and do much of their research and shopping over the internet.

Coca-Cola is using the release of Surge online as their first test of distributing a product solely through e-commerce. The company has embraced online marketing and become a leader in the field. So far, Surge is an Amazon best seller, having sold out once and with the potential to do so again.

The company says Surge could be back for good if the demand is there. They will be watching the reaction in social media and online sales numbers. It will be a test of the power of the fan group and the reach of internet marketing to see if Surge can establish itself again.