Traditional or Digital Marketing – Which is Better?

marketing, digital, printWe live in a digital world. Are you lost without your technology? Most of us are and companies know this. They have built digital marketing strategies around our digital lifestyles. We’ve all seen ads while we are surfing and have retailers showing up in our social media feeds.

Marketing and advertising used to be TV commercials, billboards and magazine ads, but things are changing quickly. The debate goes on about whether our digital lifestyle is good for us or was it better before. The same happens in marketing, has digital taken over and tradition is done?

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is something we have long been familiar with – TV, radio, print. Commercials and ads have been around for a long time and they work. Companies still pay a lot of money to advertise during the Super Bowl and those ads are talked about for days before and after the event.

Traditional marketing is based on companies pushing information out to consumers. Consumers see the ads on TV and in print and make purchasing decisions. Ads can be targeted to audience and market, just watch Saturday morning cartoons to see where your kids find the next toy they must have.

Ad campaigns are planned and executed over time. They are a long term format, lacking real time adjustments or opportunities. The gecko and the Clydesdales are familiar to us all, but they missed dunking in the dark. Measurement is difficult with traditional advertising. You don’t know how many people saw the commercial or saw the ad.

Traditional marketing is also expensive. Companies spend a lot of money to be on TV, radio and in magazines and have difficulty measuring how effective their advertising is.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is online. It has also been referred to as internet marketing, content marketing, e-commerce or inbound marketing. Digital marketing includes websites, social networks, paid ads, banner ads, and search results, and continues to grow and develop.

Digital marketing is meant to be helpful to consumers and help companies be found by consumers. It engages customers. Digital marketing can start a conversation with the consumer. Likes, tweets, pins, comments, favorites and ratings are all interactive, making brands more engaging. It also makes measurement much easier and more accurate compared to traditional marketing. Career Finder, Globe University

Digital marketing is also cheaper for companies, when customers like and share content, they are spreading advertising to their friends without any additional cost to the company. Digital can also respond in real time, taking advantage of many more opportunities.

Traditional or Digital Marketing

Both traditional and digital marketing have their place. The key is for companies to use them to complement each other. A commercial can send customers to a website or to a contest on social media. Print advertising at events can send people to social media to engage with them in real time. Marketing should leverage both print and digital assets to engage customers and build brand loyalty. It doesn’t need to be either/or.