What Motivates You? ‘Nontraditional’ College Student Has Insight

Meet Laura Ankerson. She’s not your average college student and wants to share her story. Laura is a business student at Globe University Green Bay.

Laura Ankerson, business student

What motivates you to succeed?

For me it’s not about the title or the paper degree, but the desire to continuously learn more and more.

I’ve lived long enough to know that just because you have a plan doesn’t mean that it will automatically happen the way you want or expect. So success is about adapting to the changes or obstacles and finding ways to continue on the path to your goals.

Why college?

I chose college ‘again’ because this time I want to be here and am mature enough to appreciate the process of learning. I sometimes think that colleges should have a maturity test to make sure that a student isn’t just wasting their time and/or their parent’s money. I know what it costs to live in the real world and therefore I’m more cognizant of the price I’m paying to learn and I want my expectations met and exceeded… by myself and the school.

What makes you who you are?

Overcoming disappointments, failures, loss and hard times has made me who I am. However, amid all of the things that have been negative there are 10 times more things that are positive. Thus, the sum of who I am is the positives plus the negatives plus all the lessons learned from both. I am more than 100 percent because I have taken on bits and pieces of the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, the things I’ve done. I’m more than the me that was but nowhere near the me that will be. The answer to your question is that I cannot tell you what makes me, me because I’m not yet done.

What motivates me?

Motivation is fluid and everchanging. I might be motivated by a person or animal in need. I might be motivated by a situation or an injustice that I think needs to be addressed. I might not be motivated by anything other than enjoying a lazy day in the sun with my dogs. I do the things I want because I can and whenever my Higher Power guides me it matters not my motivation because that path is set, so the motivation is learning to adapt and enjoy the journey wherever it leads.