Who Needs a Makeover?

Stephen Adams of Moxie Salon Gives Tips to Business Administration Students

business administration degree

Students with Stephen Adams (2nd in on left)

Who doesn’t like a makeover? We all know that something such as a haircut on the outside can make us feel so good on the inside – it makes us happy!  And making people happy is what owner and founder of Moxie Salon, Stephen Adams, does best.

But behind a “happy business” is a lot of strategy and work or else it simply will fail.  Stephen Adams came to share his story and business advice to a business class at Globe University – Minneapolis.

Stephen learned at a young age what it meant to struggle and work hard.  He didn’t grow up with privilege – he created it.  Stephen spent years in college trying to find his way in life and through a lot of twists and turns he ended up owning one of the top hair salons in the Twin Cities–Moxie Salon.

One of the most important things in starting a business, Stephen said, was, “You have to be fearless!”  What better advice to give, since one of the main reasons some people never accomplish their dreams in life is because of fear.

business administration degree

Stephen sharing his story

Some other fantastic quotes of advice that Stephen gave the business class as they plan for their own businesses were:

  • “It’s all about the guest.”
  • “Laws can’t be broken but rules can be bent.”
  • “Nothing is real until it’s in writing.”
  • “You have to be organized and have a budget.”
  • “Every business is the same when it comes down to it.”

Andre Burns, who is majoring in Business Administration, said, “I’ve learned that in order to make my business work I have to be organized.”

This of course being said after Stephen showed the class various budgets, short-term and long-term goals of his business.

Martese Childress, another Business Administration student, indicated that he learned “how to delegate” after Stephen’s presentation.

Stephen showed the class how to differentiate their business from competitors and I think if we all made a visit to Moxie Salon, we would realize that difference from the first point of contact.  To learn more about Moxie Salon visit their website at www.moxiesalon.com.