Why Chose a Business degree

With all the career options and programs that exist, why choose a business degree? Examine your priorities and plan for the future. A business degree brings with it highly demanded skills, job placement and diverse job opportunities with career growth potential.


Business skills cut across all industries and geographical areas.  Job opportunities exist at all levels and in rural areas, small towns and large cities.  The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has named Business Administration as the most highly demanded degree by employers in Job Outlook 2012. Business topped the lists of most demanded degree for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The survey found that employers are currently hiring and see the job outlook as improving for recent college graduates.

Employers are looking for teamwork, leadership and communication skills above all else. Business degrees that give students the theoretical background as well as hands on learning opportunities allow students to learn and practice their skills before moving into the workplace. Having relevant work experience ranked high on employer wish lists. Business programs that include internships also allow students to get work experience while in school.

Diverse Job Opportunities

Business is a broad degree that opens the door to many career fields. Careers in business include finance, hospitality, human resources, sales, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Job titles such as Human Resource Manager, Financial Planner, Online Advertising Manager, Market Research Analyst and Technical Writer are listed among the top 40 jobs by CareerCast. CareerCast examined physical demands, work environment, income, on-the-job stress, and hiring outlook when making their rankings.

Career Potential

Business provides life-long learning potential. Adding a Master’s degree on top of an undergraduate business degree opens more job opportunities and offers higher salary potential. Education along with work experience is highly demanded by employers. Keeping job skills updated and adding details and skills to your resume will improve your marketability. Businesses require management and leadership skills as well as technology, financial and planning skills.  A business degree provides these important skills that employers are demanding.