Would you give away half your fortune?

That’s exactly what Bill and Melinda Gates along with Warren Buffett have asked the billionaires of the world to do.  They started with the Forbes list of the top 400 wealthiest Americans asking them to pledge to donate 50% of their wealth over the course of their lifetime or at their death.

The $600 billion challenge started with a letter written in May 2009 inviting a hand full of the richest people in America to dinner. You can read the full letter by clicking the link below.Rockefeller Letter Fortune

Flash forward to three years and there are now 81 individuals who have pledged to give half their wealth to charity. Some of the donors include Moritz (Financier of Google and PayPal), Blank (Co-founder of Home Depot) and Musk ( Chief Executive of Tesla Motors and co-founder of PayPal).  To see a full list visit givingpledge.org.

So why do it? According to Musk, “This is not a change in what I am doing, It is publicizing what I am doing in hopes that others will follow through.”  So the question remains. Would you sign the pledge?