5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Job Searching

There are thousands of sites that will help build resumes, give you advice on the best tactics for job interviews and what not to dos, but how do you know if the advice you are getting is out of date? The world is changing every minute and so is the way employers search for candidates, and what they look for in their future employees. Here are five out-of-date tactics that you may be using:

1. Dedicated Resume Paper and Envelopes

Most resumes are now electronic so don’t waste your paper; it’s best to use plain heavy white paper and to keep your format simple to allow for easy downloads.

2. Creaky Cover Letter Language

If at all possible find out the name of the hiring manager by using LinkedIn. Using Sir or Madam is out of date and can turn off potential employers. Always proof your cover letters and resume. Nothing is a worse representation of yourself than bad grammar.

3. Here’s Why You Should Hire Me.

Trying to convince someone to hire you or feeling the need to be over aggressive makes you look desperate. When writing a thank you note keep it simple by simply thanking them for the opportunity to meet with them.

4. Endless Bullets

Limit your bullets to two or three per job description. A potential employer is usually short on time so keep it simple. You have a limited amount of time they will spend viewing your resume so put your best foot forward and stick to the strongest bullets.

5. Gratuitous Research.

It is always a good idea to do your research before a job interview, but don’t go crazy! Do your research, but don’t bring it up. Wait until they ask you for questions or if you know much about the company. This will provide you with a great basis of questions about the company without appearing to eager.
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