CampusConnect Welcomes the Apps Tab!

Have you ever needed access to a document that you saved on a different computer? Wanted to quickly edit a project from your tablet or mobile device? Maybe you just don’t want to purchase the new version of Microsoft programs for school?

Well worry no more! The Applications or Apps Tab has come to CampusConnect! Every student and faculty member with access to CampusConnect can now use applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, for free! Even software for specific courses like QuickBooks or a full Virtual Desktop is available, at all times of day, 24X7!

Once logged in, the new Applications tab is easy to find, located in the upper left-hand side of CampusConnect.

You can open, edit and save documents or projects to our safe and secure storage network. Storing documents on our system will allow you and your students to access them from anywhere in the world and on any computer, tablet or mobile device as long as you have a stable internet connection!

The Apps Tab is a great benefit for our students and faculty. Look for it the next time you’re in CampusConnect! For more details on how to use the new tool, a training video and word document are available on the Apps tab in CampusConnect.