Welcome Back! Timed to Get WACed!

Writing Across the Curriculum at Globe-La Crosse

EPY, WAC Mascot

EPY, WAC Mascot

Hola, returning and incoming students, an early welcome back as school begins, yes, on Monday! For some new students, you may be a bit nervous.  You may be returning to the world of writing after having taken your last course 20 years ago.

Have things changed in the world of writing since then?  No, not really, but the technology sure has.  The zip-ding, zip-ding, of the typewriter has been saved for those very few writers who cannot seem or refuse to break into the world of cyberspace, but Globe students cannot get away without knowing it.

Globe students will be composing research essays, reflection papers, PowerPoints, business and legal documents, even a Prezi perhaps.  And, all of these will require writing.

Incoming Student: “Well, how can Globe help me out?”

Me: “Well, you can get ‘WACed Out!’”

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program (WAC) at Globe University aides students in becoming better tech savvy writers.

Incoming Student: So, you have us write a lot of papers?

Me: No! That is old fashion.  Gee, Steve Jobs would just have a mouthful to say about that!

WAC doesn’t mean writing more papers, WAC means that Globe- La Crosse . . .

  • values writing as a method of learning and expressing creativity
  • gives clear expectations on what makes “great writing”
  • provides one-on-one writing guidance from all program instructors from Massage Therapy to Business to Medical Assisting to Information Technology to General Studies
  • offers tutoring labs to help you with using computers
  • aides you in becoming a professional through writing

Since implementing the program in January 2011, 83% of the Globe students surveyed in June 2012 noted that their writing has improved since enrolling in Globe.  If you want to be part of this percentage and have a leg up among other applicants upon graduation, get on board and get WACed Out!

Me: When do you want to start?

Incoming Student: Monday, of course!

Me: Good answer.