Write it Out, Let it Out, Find it Out

Why journaling is Good Medicine

I have journals dating all the way back to when I was 10 years old.  My first one was given to me from Grandma Zamzow that she purchased where she acquires all birthday and Christmas gifts: the Dollar Store.  It was just a little bigger than my childhood palm, navy blue, had a gold lock and key, and was lined. It was beyond my prized possession. It was where my obsession began for writing.

Write it Out

Write it Out

This journal told stories of daily foods consumed and not-so best friends forever.  Top entries detailed taco lunch days, milk being packaged in bags instead of cartons, who didn’t pick me for Red Rover, who I didn’t pick for Mother May I.

My journals like everything evolved and multiplied.  They turned from food, mean girls, mean me, to my family.  I figured out the people around me by writing about them.  My dad wasn’t just a blue collared cheese maker that liked to yell a lot.  He is a painter, decorating cars for the demolition derby and winning prizes.  My mother was more than someone who always agreed with my dad and constantly told you how to cook an egg the right way (aka her way). She is a prop designer, raiding garage sales, antique malls, and the classifieds to find a piece that fit just right for her in-house or out-of-house décor.

Through journaling I found out who people were, who they hoped to be, and in-turn who I hoped and wanted to be.

Now, my blue Dollar Store journal is packed away in a box in the rafters of my parents’ garage amongst my New Kids on the Block dolls, Breyer Horses, and collection of Black Stallion books. Though it hasn’t and may not be opened for some time, the stories will always be there. Journals allow one to let it out, to work their minds towards a conclusion that may or may not be possible. It is the act of writing that is the true medicine.

Students, keep a journal during your time here at Globe.  It just may cure anything that is ailing you or perhaps a mass epidemic amongst your family or peers.  Journaling is a private act that you choose to share. Does it have the power to heal? Yes, Virginia, it does.