27 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Do you consciously think about what your image will project to others when you leave the house? Some of our students at Globe University-Green Bay were able to learn about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to first impressions.

Stylists from Paul Mitchell makeover Globe University students

A team of stylists from Paul Mitchell were on campus to discuss and demonstrate the little things that can be done with hair and makeup that will go a long way when trying to make a first impression as well as improving one’s confidence.

Many participants also received mini-makeovers with tutorials demonstrating how to add simple changes to your morning routine to freshen up your look. Amy Vieth with Paul Mitchell the School Green Bay shared, “What a great opportunity to bring style and confidence to students in such a fun, relaxed setting!”

The Impact of the First Impressions Program

Who wants a makeover?

Twenty-seven students participated with many “thank yous” to the stylists.

“The makeover felt good, and I was more confident in my look. I think I could do it with some practice. I could take an extra few minutes in the morning for that. The program overall was good. I really liked the examples they showed,” —Marie Trost, medical assistant student.

“I love giving people a new look so they feel better about themselves.” —Meghan B. with Paul Mitchell the School Green Bay.

“The people were really interactive!” Theresa P. with Paul Mitchell the School Green Bay.

“Loved seeing how confident they were after their makeover.” —Allison K. with Paul Mitchell the School Green Bay.

Campus Librarian Christina Johnson, after photo.

“I felt like a model afterwards. I couldn’t believe my own eyes at the transformation, let alone the positive reactions, double-takes, and compliments from everyone were amazing and so uplifting. It is incredible what some quick educated hair and make-up techniques can do to positively change and amp up one’s look to the next level,” —Christina Johnson, campus librarian.

Win-Win Program for Everyone

Jackie Doperalski, director of career services, could not be happier about the outcomes of this event. “You had to be there, but the sounds of confident laughter and compliments after the session were well worth the time. Students were impacted today, and it’s our hope that they will take this knowledge and apply it as they continue on their career path,” Doperalski said.

Students and staff were excited to learn about $10 hair cuts and about the great services that are offering at Paul Mitchell.

Crystal T., a vet tech student, getting her makeover started.