3 Reasons Mark Taggart Is the Bachelor of Globe University-Green Bay

Ladies, he may not be the real Bachelor*, but Mark Taggart is an impressive career services coordinator.

career services

Employees at Globe University-Green Bay were asked to complete a survey nominating an individual they felt deserved to be recognized as our 2014 staff member of the year. This individual had to showcase our university’s We Care mission, be a team player, and demonstrate leadership consistently.

1.  We Care

The following are just a few quotes from the survey that showcase Mark’s ability to live our university’s mission:

Mark takes a moment out of his day to greet every employee and ask how they are doing, and when he does this, you know he truly wants to hear how they are and if he can help in any way.

He goes above and beyond to show ‘We Care’ to staff and students by meeting with students to help with their career search, asking staff and students how they are really doing, and lending a listening ear and offering encouragement to pick up and keep pushing forward.

2.  Teamwork

When it comes to teamwork, it is fair to say that Mark is our “bachelor” on campus in that he knows how to gather the ladies, have fun and accomplish his goals. Here are just a few additional ways Mark’s actions define teamwork:

Mark enjoys being next to admissions to offer additional tips on growing the team. He also enjoys being an integral part of the admissions tour and welcomes any new student to his office sooner than later. Mark is quick to volunteer any time help is needed on or off campus, and he also regularly volunteers his time outside of work to help raise funds for the Bellevue Dog Park.

Even though it takes extra time on his part, Mark is willing to meet with students who have not even started their program yet but need help with the job search. He is willing to participate in events and other duties outside of his role as well. He tries to build up others around him even outside of his department and stays positive and uses humor to make the environment more fun.

3.  Leadership

Finally, repetitive words and phrases found throughout the survey define Mark’s quality leadership and truly support him as The Bachelor of Globe University-Green Bay which makes him our staff member of 2014.

Positive energy. Hard worker. Dedicated to students and co-workers. Genuinely wants everyone to be successful at what they do.  Honest. Relatable.  Professional but still knows how to have fun.

Congrats Mark!

*Ladies, unfortunately Mark Taggart is not a bachelor and is happily married.