4 Steps to Stand Out with Certiport

Did you know that you could become a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Office Specialist, or be certified in Adobe or Intuit Quick Books right here at Globe University-La Crosse?

1. Learn about Certiport

Now that Globe University-La Crosse is a registered Certiport Authorized Testing Center, you can become certified in a number of computer software programs to boost your resume and show your qualifications for potential jobs.

Administrative Assistant Heather Verzwyvelt demonstrates Certiport.

“The Certiport Testing center is a location designated to administer exams for Microsoft, Adobe, Quick Books, and other certifying body exams,” said Spencer Emerich, lead instructor in the IT program. “Having the testing center at our La Crosse campus will make the certification testing more accessible for our students and the general public.”

2. Boost your Resume

Spencer noted that the service would also be a resume builder for both the public and students seeking employment. “This service is for both those who are looking for a job and for those who want to be able to show their current skill level,” he said. “Many companies require their employees to attain certification and continue to be certified in a specific area.”

Career Services Director Carolyn Moe thought having the testing center on campus would be very convenient for students pursuing an information technology degree and those who want to supplement their resumes. “It’s really beneficial for our students to have a testing center on campus,” she said. “Past students or graduates who wanted to gain these certifications had to travel some distance to take the test. Now it’s available right here.”

Globe University-La Crosse is an Authorized Certiport Testing Center.

3. Apply for a Scholarship

Not only can Globe University students take advantage of this opportunity to boost their resumes, they can also earn scholarships to take certification exams that are in conjunction with their Globe courses.

According to the 2014 Course Catalog, “Globe University offers Professional Certification Scholarships that reimburse students for certification examination fees.”

Students who are considering applying must meet scholarship guidelines, submit a personal statement, and have a faculty recommendation. Students can be awarded this scholarship twice during their enrollment. The application can be accessed here.

4. Register for the Exam

An applicant will register through Certiport by purchasing a voucher online, then calling the testing center to set up an appointment. Current testing hours are Thursday evenings from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The process of taking the test will differ for each certifying program. “The tests will be given in different ways from taking a typical exam with multiple choice or fill in the blank,” Spencer said.

After successfully completing testing with a passing score, certificates will either be mailed to the tester or can be found online and printed. Please feel free to contact Globe University-La Crosse at 608-779-2600 for more information or to schedule an exam.