5 Job Seeker Apps to Help Get You Hired

How to Find a Job Online

Gone are the days of mailing a hard copy resume and cover letter. If you want to compete in today’s ever evolving job market you need the tools to help you snag your new gig. Just like you used to watch for the jobs in the newspaper, now you need to stay up to the minute online.

“77 percent of job seekers use mobile job search apps,” according to Beyond.com.Communication Tips For Online Students

There are plenty of reasons we rely on these apps and online tools to help:

  1. Job Alerts/Save Job Searches: Create alerts for certain keywords or specific jobs or use saved searches to reduce your time
  2. Apply For Jobs: Some apps allow an easy way to apply through your cellphone or mobile device.
  3. Career Resources: Learn more about different career opportunities or take personal assessments.
  4. Research and Review: Learn more about companies by doing the right research.

Here is the list from Globe University on the latest apps you can use with ease to make your job search quicker and more productive:

  1. Indeed Job Search

While there are many sites you can search for jobs, Indeed offers the most complete listings. You can even apply for certain jobs through your cellphone (although we wouldn’t recommend this). You can upload your resume and use specific job searches on the app.

Download: iOSAndroid

  1. Jobs by CareerBuilder

The CareerBuilder app has some great features like being able to find similar jobs to ones that interest you and the ability to mark certain jobs as a ‘favorite’ to review later or email to someone.

Download: iOSAndroid

  1. LinkedIn Mobile Apps

LinkedIn has a family of different apps you can use. Most notably, the LinkedIn mobile app and the job search app can be your best friend. Through LinkedIn you can engage and monitor your social network and message those who might be hiring. Follow companies to receive updates and post different status updates to get your profile in front of more eyes.

Download: iOSAndroid

  1. Glassdoor

Part of the job search process, is making sure you did your research on the company. Glassdoor provides reviews of employers, you can preview interview questions and learn about salaries. This one-stop shop can help you truly evaluate whether the company is a place you could see yourself working.

Download: iOSAndroid

  1. Job Search SimplyHired

While similar to other job search apps, SimplyHired allows you to filter your job search by date and relevance. It can speed up your job search time in a jiffy.

Download: iOSAndroid

Globe University students and alumni have access to on-going career assistance, so schedule an appointment with your local campus if you’d like help with these online tools. By using these mobile apps, you’ll be able to save time and energy to invest in nailing that interview you’ll be getting soon.