5 People Who Can Help You Land a Job after College

Most college students share one common goal – to land a job in their field of study before or at the time of graduation. College is an opportunity for students to meet a variety of different people who can not only help make your college experience enjoyable, but to also help you find a job.

During your college experience, be sure to connect with the following people you come across.

1.  Career Services Staff

The career services department at your college is a great place to frequent during the duration of your college experience. The career services staff are able to help you prepare for your career by assisting with resume preparation, job interview tips, mock interviews and job search assistance. The career services staff members can also help you find job or internship opportunities while attending college.

Establishing a relationship with the career services staff at your college gives you a chance to set short- and long-term career goals. Career services advisors can also serve as a useful reference when applying for positions.

2.  Instructorscareer preparation

Many instructors have worked in the career field in which they are teaching. Understanding that instructors are likely well-connected to professionals in the field, it is a good idea to establish and maintain a good rapport with them.

In addition to being well connected, instructors who feel strongly about the work ethic and potential of their students are more willing to provide assistance in their job search. Some instructors may serve as mentors to you and would be willing to serve as a reference or provide a letter of recommendation.

3.  Current/Previous Supervisors

Many college students hold jobs during their college experience. Even if you are working in a position that you’re not sure will lead to your dream job, your supervisor’s opinions of you do matter.

Because many college students have limited work experience, forming a good relationship with your supervisors and demonstrating a strong work ethic is of great benefit to you. Your current and previous supervisors are able to provide your future employers insight into the type of employee you are.

If you are working with a company that has potential for advancement, speak with your supervisor about the potential to interview. Some companies open positions to internal candidates before offering externally.

4.  Internship Staff

As you probably know, internships are a great way to gain relevant experience in your career field of choice. While completing an internship, the staff at the company or organization you are working with have the opportunity to see firsthand how you perform.

In some cases, if a company or organization has full-time positions available, they may offer the opportunity to well-performing interns. Even if this is not an option, the industry experience you gain and connections you make can help you secure employment later.

Because the staff that you work with at an internship interact with interns much like they do other employees, they are able to provide a strong reference to future employers.

5.  Volunteer Organization Staff

As part of some college courses, volunteer or applied learning projects are built in to the curriculum. Volunteer projects can be seen as relevant experience to future employers and should be included on your resume.

The individuals you meet as part of these projects can also serve as references for you in your job search.

Bottom line: Meet as many people as you can while attending college. You never know when you will be able to call upon them for assistance during your career. Also be sure to return the favor. A strong recommendation goes a long way when it comes to securing employment.