5 Ways to Improve Your Job Interview Thank You Letter

After days of preparation and a constant nervous feeling, the day of your job interview has come and gone and you’re feeling confident. But the final handshake before you leave the company isn’t the end of the interview process. A well-written and impactful thank you letter should always follow a job interview.

Writing a thank you letter seems easy enough, but there are a few factors you will want to consider when drafting your letter.

1.  Don’t Delayjob interview thank you letter

Hiring managers meet candidates each day who are interviewing for many different positions. With that in mind, it is necessary to get your thank you letter in the mail immediately – the same day as your interview.

Writing a thank you letter immediately following an interview not only gets the letter in the hands of the hiring manager quickly, but it also makes it easier for you to recall specific details from the interview while they are fresh in your mind. Consider writing down notes you want to be sure to cover in your thank you letter in your car before you leave the company.

2.  Reiterate Important Qualifications

While a thank you letter is meant to express appreciation for a hiring manager considering you for a position, it should also be used as an opportunity to reiterate your qualifications. Following an interview, you will have a better idea of what the hiring manager is looking for in candidates.

Use your thank you letter to connect your experience and qualifications with the duties listed on the job description or comments the hiring manager made during the interview.

3.  Get to the Point

Keep in mind that hiring managers are busy and while it is important to be detailed in your thank you letter, it is equally important to be concise. Make a bullet list of the points you want to include and work to combine those thoughts in fewer words.

It is important to note that a thank you letter is not a cover letter and should be professional, but doesn’t need to be overly formal.

4.  Correct Any Interview Mistakes

Chances are you will make some sort of blunder during your interview. Whether you forgot to mention a key piece of work experience you have or you realize after the fact that you didn’t fully answer one of the hiring manager’s questions, a thank you letter gives you a chance to “right your wrong”.

5.  Don’t Be Generic

Handwriting your thank you letter is one way to show the hiring manager that you took the time to personalize your message. While it may seem efficient, refrain from writing your letter before your interview. It can be easy for a hiring manager to differentiate which thank you letters are generic templates from those that are personalized and specific.

Be sure to draft different thank you letters for each of the individuals you interviewed with. If you had an initial screening with someone from human resources, a thank you letter should be addressed to them separately.

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