6 Cool Summer Jobs for College Students

Finding a summer job is crucial for many college students.

As you weigh your options, you may want to consider a position that furthers your knowledge base and enhances your experience in your field of study.

Here, we’ll take a look at six summer jobs that will help you move forward with your education and bolster your post-graduate resume.

Pet Care

Program: Vet Tech

What you’ll do: Whether it’s simply walking dogs or helping at a pet clinic, you’ll be working with animals. The responsibilities, of course, vary by which job you’re able to land.

How it helps: Spending time around animals will make you more comfortable with them and introduce you to their care.

Restaurant Industry

Program: Business Management

What you’ll do: Wait tables, mix drinks or make food (or all three), depending on the position.

How it helps: Working in a restaurant can teach you plenty about how a business operates: employee scheduling, marketing, supply concerns, customer relations and more.

Summer Camp Nurse

Program: Nursing

What you’ll do: Work with an RN in outdoor settings, helping with first aid, dispensing medication for campers, communicating with parents and conducting health checks.

How it helps: You’ll get a basic view of what a nurse does for patients, while at the same time improving your resume and gaining real-world experience.

Home Health Aide

Program: Heath Care Management

What you’ll do: Assist people who are mentally impaired, disabled or ill at a client’s home or care facility.

How it helps: Getting hands-on experience with those in the health care system can provide perspective on the continuum of care people receive. In addition to improving your resume, being a home health aide can give you a look at the work of others in the industry.


Program: Business Administration

What you’ll do: Paint houses, mow lawns, walk dogs, blog, etc.

How it helps: No matter which type of work you’re going to do, you’ll learn how a business functions. Being an entrepreneur, even on a small scale, can help you learn how to manage a balance sheet, market yourself, interact with customers, project future earnings and expenses, and sales.

Paid Internship in Your Field of Study

Program: Various

What you’ll do: Entry-level duties in whichever industry you obtain the internship.

How it helps: You’ll learn by doing. Landing an internship may not pay as well as some other summer jobs, but you’ll get invaluable experience in your field of study. The work may be more specialized than your classroom instruction, and you will have the chance to see exactly how someone in your industry goes about their day-to-day work.

Summer Jobs for College Students

Earning a paycheck during the summer months is great. So is experience.

While you may jump at the best-paying job you can get, take time to consider your studies and where you want to ultimately go with your career.