6 Ways to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile

Resumes are often an employer’s first impression of a candidate.  So what makes an employer want to read yours? Recently, Jason Leabman, recruiting manager of Robert Half Finance and Accounting, visited the Intermediate Accounting class at Globe University-Madison East to speak to the accounting degree students about how to get ahead of the game in the job search.  Jason offered six tips for making sure your resume gets to the top of the pile:

1. Start working in your chosen career field early.  In Jason’s words, “It builds character.”  Students who work in their chosen career field while they attendaccounting degree school are much more likely to find a job faster than those that did not work.  These students already have a resume built when they graduate from college, and are able to apply what they are learning in the classroom to their current role.

2. Consistency is key. “Keep your job for a length of time. It proves that you are dedicated to your current employer,” Jason suggested.

3. Go out of your way to excel and succeed in your current position. Take on projects that are not a part of your job description to prove that you are willing to learn and to grow. Recommend automating processes and how the automation can be completed and calculate how much time and money the automation will save your company.  Be the lead in automating and implementing the process.

4. “It does not matter what you do; do it well,” Jason said.  Do you belong to a church?  Volunteer to be the treasurer or financial secretary.  Volunteer to be on the audit committee. These will be very valuable experiences that will enhance your resume and only take a small portion of your time.

5. Most employers are looking for a well-rounded student that has been involved and has experience. They are not looking for the 4.0 student that spent their time studying, but never applying what they learned. Get out there and get experience!

6. Want to be a manager at some point? Get leadership experience by serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit or service organization.

Following these simple tips can help your resume float to the top of the resume pile and better your chances for landing that next job.

By Emily Olson, Accounting Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East and West Campuses