7 Companies on Instagram You’ll be Inspired to Work for

Apply Filters In Instagram Application On Apple Iphone 5SThere’s something enticing about the colorful display of instant visuals that pop up on your Instagram feed. You can scroll through the minds of famous people like Barack Obama and Taylor Swift. Double-tap cute animals by searching #catsofinstagram or find breathtaking scenes through #photooftheday. Plus, you get a behind-the scenes look at some of your favorite brands — brands that see the importance of social media savvy, innovative marketing tactics and, most importantly, engaging with their audience.

But instead of simply being an Insta-addict of beautiful square photography, think big. Could you see yourself working for a company that is creative, forward-thinking and socially personable?

Whether you’re looking for your first professional job or advancing your current career, you can prepare for success by simply doing some research, and you can do so in the palm of your hand.

We rounded up seven Instagram accounts of companies whose posts will inspire you to work for them.

Google's Instagram Account

Source: Google Instagram Account


Followers: 324K
Media: 118
Tagline: “Google unfiltered — sometimes with filters.”

Besides being the most popular search engine, Google has a popular Instagram account that not only shows the cool things that are happening at Google, but ideas of different ways you can use its search engine. You’ll frequently get a behind-the-scenes look at the Google offices. A colorful room with a Ping-Pong table, a secret room behind a bookshelf wall, a rope swing that leads into a ball pit, a fountain garden with a view. Talk about happy work environment. If you’re a prospective Google employee, take a look at Google’s Instagram posts that are hashtagged #TourTuesday for an inside look at your future office. That is, if you can land a job at the Google. Best of luck!




Honest Instagram Account

Source: Honest Instagram Account


Followers: 253K
Media: 710
Tagline: “Our mission is to empower people to live a healthy life. We’re committed to creating effective, safe, delightful, accessible, responsible products.”

The Honest Company is a lifestyle brand that attracts people who truly like the concept of safe, eco-friendly, affordable, beautiful products for families. If you want to work for a company that has a cause it’s passionate about, follow Honest. The company gets thousands of likes per post. It’s also interactive with its audience by responding to followers and reposting images of its products being used by real moms, dads and their babies. Honest’s Instagram posts show that coworkers are close and thrive off each other’s creativity and belief in the mission behind the company. Plus, the founder of the company is Jessica Alba and how awesome would it be to say she’s one of your colleagues?




3M Instagram Account

Source: 3M Instagram Account


Followers: 10K
Media: 110
Tagline: “3M touches virtually every part of your life & every day we apply our science to make your life better! Tell us about your #LifeWith3M!”

What in the world does 3M do besides make scotch tape? If you want to work for an innovative company, you’ll find some inspiration in the little square boxes under 3M’s Instagram account. From the world’s largest squid preserved with 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid to 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding helmets used for your solar eclipse viewing pleasure, get an inside look at how the company’s science is used in life. Did you know 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material is on the uniforms of the Ohio State Buckeyes? Or that 3M technology is inside every smart phone? 3M’s Instagram posts will have you realize without 3M, things would simply not exist. Who can say that about their job?




Hootsuite Instagram Account

Source: Hootsuite Instagram Account


Followers: 8,517
Media: 560
Tagline: “A visual look inside your favorite social media management tool. #HootsuiteLife”

If you’re on Instagram, you’re likely on Facebook and Twitter too. So perhaps you’ve heard of Hootsuite, a social media management dashboard. Hootsuite uses its Instagram account for its own community and recruitment purposes. Its URL under the tagline leads straight to hootsuite.com/careers. Photo after photo, you’ll notice cute owl swag, owl mascots and owl cupcakes line the officers of Hootsuite. Each vibrant photo is evidence that this is a fun and friendly environment. The company also gives back by supporting nonprofits like the Salvation Army and Children’s Wish. Important note: Hootsuite is a dog-friendly office, and who doesn’t love puppies? If you want to see what it’s like to be an “owl” at Hootsuite, just search hashtag #HootsuiteLife.



Edelman Instagram Account

Source: Edelman Instagram Account


Followers: 5,968
Media: 296
Tagline: “Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm with more than 5,000 employees in 65 cities.”

Here’s an Instagram account focused on its employees. If you’re in PR, you’ve heard of Edelman. It’s recognized as the world’s largest public relations firm. Edelman’s Instagram showcases the workplace and work events. Campaign posts are geared towards team members, encouraging them to tell the story of their clients and “Show Up Differently.” From an Insta-perspective, Edelman looks fun, creative and smart. Who wouldn’t want a president and CEO who cares enough to take selfies with his team? Edelman’s Instagram account also recognizes the value of having women in executive positions. It doesn’t forget that employees have families too and invites children to “Digital Kids Day” and holiday and Halloween parties. Search #edelculture.



CocoMSP Instagram Account

Source: Coco MSP Instagram Account

Coco MSP and Coco Fargo

Followers: 518
Media: 254
Tagline: “A place where independent workers, small businesses and corporate workgroups can gather to share ideas, team up on projects and get some work done.”

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or mobile worker who needs an inspiring workspace? Look no further than the Instagram account of CocoMSP or CocoFargo, aka a coworking and collaborative space. Instead of working from home or a coffee shop, you’ll want to work in this space after one look at Coco’s Instagram. Follow Coco and you’ll soon be double-tapping brightly colored photos of office-chic workspaces made for ideation, prototyping and presentations, a small movie theater, dry erase tables to write on, a coffee and tea bar, beanbag chairs, a walkout patio with green space, etc. How would you like to arrange your next team meeting in the billiards room? It has locations in Downtown Minneapolis, Uptown Minneapolis, Lowertown St. Paul and Fargo, North Dakota.



General Electric Instagram Account

Source: General Electric Instagram Account

General Electric

Followers: 180K
Media: 522
Tagline: “Explore with our new series, Invention Factory, how today’s inventions will change the future: www.youtube.com/GE”

Chances are, you have a General Electric (GE) product in your home. It’s a 120-year-old company with a very personal approach to social networking. According to Instagram, GE takes followers “right to the heart of their research labs, factory floors and locations where their products can be seen in action.” This allows prospective job candidates the chance to see GE from a whole new perspective. Locations of photos include the GE Aviation Engine Testing Centers in Winnipeg, Canada and Peebles, Ohio, the GE Magnet Factory in Florence, South Carolina and GE’s Global Research Center in Munich, Germany. GE’s Instagram photos prove GE is no longer about kitchen appliances. It is a pioneer of industrial machines like aircraft engines, healthcare imaging technology, wind and gas turbines and water-jet cutters that blast through slabs of metal. Now that would be an exciting company to be a part of, right?


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