7 Ways to Get Noticed by Your Boss

Everyone knows you have to stand out to get the job, but how do you get noticed once you’ve been hired? In large companies, it can be hard to make a name for yourself. Use these guidelines to gain attention and recognition from your superiors, and maybe even earn a promotion or raise.

Take Initiative

Ashley Tanner, director of career services for Globe University, says one of the easiest ways to take initiative at work is to arrive at the office earlier than your boss.

This is a great way to show that you are ready to have a productive day and eager to get to it,” she explains. “If you are really motivated, take on more responsibilities, produce a top-notch product, and the effort will speak for itself.”

Make Your Boss Look Good 

When you do something well, it reflects positively on your boss, too. Try your best to make your boss look good, and he or she will appreciate you that much more.

When you go the extra mile and exceed goals at work, it makes your boss and team shine,” says Tanner. “You will become more of an asset and get noticed for this.”

Don’t Gossip

Tanner suggests only talking about others in the office in a positive light. If you speak positively about others, the favor will be repaid.

“Instead of gossiping, look for opportunities genuinely to praise your coworkers for their good work in front of your boss,” she says. “When this gets back to your coworkers, they will start promoting you to your boss.”

Follow Through 

Tanner says you should stay focused on your tasks and be sure they are completed on time, and involve your boss in the process.

“Request a meeting with your boss to discuss how things are going,” she suggests. “You should always stay organized and know where you are at with your projects.”

Be a Team Player

Being a team player is essential in the workplace, and your boss will notice whether or not you work well with others. 

“It’s always a good idea to befriend colleagues,” says Tanner. “Most offices are comprised of different departments, but most rely on each other to be successful.”

Tanner also recommends looking for ways to volunteer at office events or to join committees that may need help.

Be Positive

When it comes to remaining positive, Tanner says it’s the simple things that count.

“Always say ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ at work,” she says. “This may seem basic, but people appreciate it.”

Tanner also says to leave outside problems outside, and focus on the good aspects of your job. This will be noticed by colleagues and your supervisor.

“You will always look as if you’re ready to work and thankful to be part of the team when you come to work with a positive outlook and attitude,” she explains.

Be Open to Constructive Criticism

Criticism can be hard to hear, but it’s the only way you will grow and get better. Tanner points out that constructive criticism is to help you, not hurt you, and that you should take it to the heart and not take offense.

“Thank your boss for helping you improve your work,” she says. “Make an effort to ask your boss for feedback on projects that are completed, so you can do even better next time.”

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