8 Social Media Screw Ups to Avoid If You’re Looking for a Job

job hunt screw upsIf you think your Facebook and other social profiles are just for fun, think again. Whether you’re looking for your first job or your fifth, your profiles can keep you from getting hired. Potential employers are checking your social media presence. Before you get invited to interview for a job, chances are they have already looked you up.

Employers are checking your profiles to get a feel for who you are. Your resume shows them what you want them to know about you. Facebook may show a different side of you. Beware that your social profiles do not give the wrong impression. Double check to make sure they don’t contain these top employer turnoffs.

1. Inappropriate photos

Do you really want a prospective employer to see what you did last summer or maybe last weekend? You know the pics, the ones you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Keep them on your phone, but don’t share them for all to see. Do your photos say fun and family or party animal?

Did you know that your friends can share photos on Facebook and tag you in them? Those pics can show up in a search. Double check that there are not any surprises floating around that you don’t know about…yet.

Do get some good photos of yourself to use as your profile pics on all your social media profiles. A consistent theme across LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ makes a good impression.

2. Foul languagesocial media profiles

Employers will not be impressed by a talent for swearing. And if most of your posts are about drinking, partying or illegal behavior, don’t expect companies to be knocking down your door.

3. Offensive comments

You may have the right to express yourself, but think about who may see them. Employers are checking to see if you would be a good fit for their organization. Don’t tell them you are not.

4. Poor grammar

This is actually one of the biggest turnoffs for employers. The previous potential screw ups were about behavior, this is about skills. Communication skills are on every employer necessary skills list. They want to see that you have high quality communication skills so use punctuation and capitalization.

5, Conflicting qualifications

Does your LinkedIn profile match your resume? Do not give them a reason to doubt your integrity. Your qualifications and experience should be consistent across your profiles and match your resume.

6. Complaining about your current job

Or your boss or past jobs or bosses. Employers are not looking for employees who complain, enough said.

7. Negativity

Sometimes things suck, but if everything on your profile is negative, you are giving the impression that you are a downer. Your profiles should show you in a positive light. You want employers to want to know more so they call you for an interview.

8. No profiles

So you don’t like social media and aren’t participating on any of the channels. Or, you have your privacy settings set so that a detective couldn’t find you. Either way, the first thought that come to mind is what are you trying to hide? Not much better is assuming that you are out of touch with technology.

If you are looking for a job, consider setting up a LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to network and give employers a good impression.

Take the time to do a search of your own name to check and see what is out there about you. You never know what you might find out. Give yourself the chance to get your social media profiles in shape before potential employers scratch you off their list.