We Help Connect Employers with Qualified Job & Internship Candidates

Minnesota School of Business and Globe University offers services beyond the classroom when it comes to preparing for a new career. All of our students are entitled to ongoing career assistance – whether they are just starting out their job hunt or transitioning careers. Students can take advantage of this service anytime, no matter when they graduated.

And students are not our only focus; we also partner with businesses to help them in finding the bestbigstock-121968647 candidates to fill their open positions. Each of our campuses has trained career services professionals to help employers every step of the way.

What we offer to employers:

  • All of our services are complimentary to employers
  • Post-employment opportunities and internships
  • Review, add and edit postings as needed
  • Search and receive resumes of qualified candidates
  • Promote company to key target audiences
  • We can help set up the account and post the positions for you
  • We can screen applicants to save your company valuable time

For students or graduates, we offer help with writing resumes, networking with employers and help to find jobs relevant to their career field.

What we offer to students:

  • Job boards and websites to search for openings where they live
  • We keep track of events, workshops and job fairs
  • We provide samples of resumes, cover letters and much more

Students can create a profile at CareerConnect.com and will be able to search for job postings and take advantage of all the tools and features.

  • Career Services offers customized interview coaching to students and graduates. Mock interviews are conducted to help increase self-confidence and technical competence.
  • To job search in today’s marketplace requires a professional on-line social media presence. Career Services will review LinkedIn profiles to help students’ promote and project transferable qualifications and experience, said Shannon Templin, director of career services at Minnesota School of Business – St. Cloud.
  • Career Services can serve as a professional mentor to discuss career ideas, job search fears, and networking strategies to give students a competitive advantage.
  • Graduates and students may struggle with family or friends not willing to be completely objective when it comes to career choices. Career Services provides straightforward advice and discernment help to focus on long-term career goals and objectives. This is completed through a process of helping graduates look for stepping-stone opportunities to help gain industry contacts and networking.
**Minnesota School of Business & Globe University offer employment assistance to our students and graduates; however, we do not guarantee employment. Some states require licensure in order to practice in certain fields of work. Please check with your state to determine if licensure is required in your chosen field prior to employment.