Career Advice: It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Love

Students in the interactive media and graphic design program at Globe University had the opportunity to tour Game Informer magazine located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Game Informer Magazine has grown to be the third largest consumer print publication in the United States and the largest digital publication in the world.

“I wanted the students to see how a successful publication is transitioning from print-centric to digital,” said Richard Grossman, graphic design program chair/instructor in reference to the Game Informer magazine field trip. “This gave the students a firsthand look at how the design team creates two versions of each issue (print and digital), and gain insight into the future of magazine publishing from the editorial, creative and advertising perspectives.”

Along with touring the publication, the students were able to speak with the design team where they got to ask questions and learn more about their professional backgrounds and what their jobs at Game Informer magazine entail.

“I was extremely excited to tour a magazine that I grew up reading,” said Calvin Silberbauer, graphic design student.

One of the women from the design team shared with the students that “it’s not what you know, it’s what you love. If you follow what you love to do, you will become the best at that and there will always be a place for you.”

Silberbauer found this to be very motivational and inspiring. “My hope is that I may get a chance to work in a place where I am excited to get up and go to work in the morning. Game Informer magazine is one of those places, and I will not forget the advice that designer gave to me.”