For the New Year: Top Career Tips from Globe University

Here at Globe University, we know that preparing you for your career means more than education in the classroom.For the New Year: Top Career Tips from Globe University

During the past year, we offered up regular career tips aimed at helping you with the ins and outs of finding a job. The series covered everything from utilizing social media to resume writing and building your personal brand.

As we look ahead to 2015, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 most popular career tips posts from 2014. (Click the headline to find further details on each.)

12. Get Focused and Get Hired

This piece concentrated on goals and motivation and the value of being positive and sticking with it.

A big part of staying focused is continuing to network, which keeps you connected and helps you develop what could prove to be beneficial relationships, according to Jenny Schroth, director of career services for Globe University.

“Even if you’re still in school, start networking and informational interviewing,” Schroth said. “It’s never too early to start making those connections.”

11. The 3-Part Recipe for a Successful Job Search

Simply put: plan, prepare, execute.

This post gives you the basics on searching for a new job, along with more insight from our career services team. Each phase is outlined with specific tips that can help you get organized and create checklists to follow in your journey.

One nugget under “execute” that could be useful: During the job search process, consistently update your resume and LinkedIn profile with any additional experience, volunteer work or internships you’ve obtained along the way.

10. Resume Writing 101

Your resume is likely the first time a company will see what you’re about, and it serves as the backbone of your job search process—even if the average recruiter only looks at it for 10 seconds.

With that statistic in mind, there are several ways you can make your resume easier for hiring managers to digest and help you stand out from the crowd.

This post deals with formatting tips, language usage and what you should highlight.

9. Love What You Do

“Know thyself.” The ancient Greek saying is a good way to start this post about finding your future career.

Here, we discussed self-exploration, finding your passion and tapping into your personality. As the old saying goes, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Melissa Simon, part of our career services department, talks about the benefits of aligning your values with your goals.

“Passion builds motivation,” she said. “Searching for a job takes extensive time, energy and focus, so it’s important you have the passion for it.”

8. Four Simple Ways to Sell Yourself

This post provides some great tips on standing apart from the crowd and being viewed as a valuable asset.For the New Year: Top Career Tips from Globe University

You’ll find a few simple things you can do to better sell yourself as a future employee:

  • Customize your message
  • Don’t sell yourself short
  • Connect with the right people
  • Define your value

Check out the blog for more specifics.

7. Three Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand

The ability to properly market yourself is a big part of the job search process.

Packaging your skills for the career you want takes some critical thinking, and in this post we give you several options for building your personal brand.

It’s about demonstrating value to your potential employer, identifying your abilities and connecting your skills with the job description.

6. Five People You Should Avoid at Work

This is a great post about relationships in the workplace. There are constructive ones… and those you should avoid.

Here, we’ve identified a few archetypes of coworkers who can cause problems, create negativity or hinder performance. Associating with the right people at workplace is vital to your professional growth.

The post also provides tips for dealing with the poor influences at your job.

5. Andrew Davis Says Networking and Branding Leads to Your Dream Job

This blog grew out of a presentation from Andrew Davis, a well-known marketer and author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships.

Davis, whose resume includes stints with Jim Henson and the Today Show, discussed the value of going on a “career quest” and building relationships.

“Know who the key players are in the field you want to work in,” he said. “Become a member and active participant in organizations those people are part of, and do online research and connect with them online so that you know who they are and what they talk about. That way when you do meet with them, you can actually have a valuable conversation.”

4. We’ve Got You Covered: Tips for Writing a Steller Cover Letter

Cover letters are another major factor in your ability to land the job you want.

This post covers (pardon the pun) what you need to know when you craft your cover letter, which can often show potential employers more than your resume would.

Three keys:

  • Customize
  • Personalize
  • Organize

3. Employers Use Social Media to Find, Vet Potential Hires

Whether it’s making sure you don’t have compromising posts on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, updating your LinkedIn page, or creating a For the New Year: Top Career Tips from Globe Universitydigital portfolio—your online presence matters.

You should assume that if you apply for a job, somebody at the company will take a look at your social media posts. Sprinkle in some links from industry leaders; check your privacy settings; update your LinkedIn account.

You’ll find several steps you can take to make your virtual self a more attractive candidate.

2. Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Job Search Strategy

This post goes into great depth on how to leverage social media in your pursuit of a successful career.

Each social network has its own quirks and audiences, and by tapping into these differences, you can bolster your online profile and make yourself a better candidate.

It’s up to you to manage your online reputation and showcase what you want others to see—a professional, positive impression.

1. Five Ways to Use Pinterest to Get a Job

Drumroll, please…

The most-viewed post from our career tips series was about how you can use Pinterest to land a job. (Are we seeing a trend with our top three here?)

Pinterest may not seem at first blush like a social media network where you can get traction on getting a job. But there are several aspects of Pinterest that you can take advantage of. Read the post for ideas on:

  • Showcasing your work
  • Targeting companies
  • Following job and career support boards
  • Becoming an industry expert
  • Getting inspired

Well, that wraps up our list of popular 2014 career search posts from Globe University. We hope you have a wonderful 2015!