Get Focused and Get Hired

GU_stay_focusedThe job search process can be long and, at times, discouraging. It’s easy to get distracted and lose motivation if you’re not finding success, but staying focused is essential to landing a position in your desired career field. By being motivated and sticking to set goals, you will give yourself an advantage by remaining positive and upbeat – something employers look for in potential candidates.

Stay Motivated

With the average job search taking six to nine months, there’s no doubt the process can make you feel frustrated or like giving up hope, but it’s important to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. Jenny Schroth, director of career services for Globe University, says continuous networking is one way to stay motivated, and the earlier you get started, the better. “Even if you’re still in school, start networking and informational interviewing,” Schroth says. “It’s never too early to start making those connections.” Once you become comfortable with meeting professionals in your field, it’s important to continue building those relationships because they could lead to a job.

Another way to stay motivated while searching for a career is to volunteer or take a position that may not exactly be your dream job. Even if it’s not your ultimate career goal, taking a stepping stone job can give you valuable experience and make you more marketable, eventually getting you where you want to be. “You need to keep your skills relevant and fresh,” Schroth says. “Volunteering or getting involved any way you can in your career field is a good way to do this.”

Stick to Your Goals

Having goals is another key aspect to staying focused during the job search. Goals guide your process and keep you motivated. By sticking to them, you’ll remain positive and find success. Schroth stresses the importance of making your job hunt a priority. “Looking for a job is full time job,” she says. “You should have a goal of dedicating enough time each week to your career search.”

Schroth also recommends creating goals around networking. “Most jobs are found through word of mouth. Use LinkedIn to make a list of the top 20 places you would like to work and make connections with people in those organizations,” she says. “Get out of your comfort zone. Get dressed up, stop by the company, ask for a tour, pick up a few business cards and send a thank you note afterward.”

Setting goals for yourself to complete each day, week and month will keep you motivated and feeling accomplished. Employers look to hire candidates who are confident and have a positive attitude. By keeping your goals in sight, you’ll stay motived throughout your job search and increase your chances of landing your ideal position. To learn more about Globe University and career support services visit