Interview Practice to Prepare for Profession

By Teresa Obinger, Director of Career Services

One of the best professional courses a student at Globe University takes is Career Capstone, an 11-week course that offers students all the tools and resources to find employment in their career field. During their time as a student, career readiness activities are implemented throughout each program to help students become familiar with their industry before graduation. In Career Capstone, every career skill comes full circle, instilling confidence to start new professions. One of these very important skills is the interview, because interviewing is a skill, and practicing will help students improve. During Career Capstone every student completes a mock interview with a career services team member and is graded on their interview based on preparation and answers given to each question.

Teresa Obinger and Laura Kropp, Career Services Coordinator, during a mock interview

Teresa Obinger, the Director of Career Services, recently ran into a graduate of Globe University at an auto body shop in Woodbury, Minn., where he was completing a car rental agreement for a customer. Teresa updated his current employment and discussed the process it took to get into the management trainee program at Enterprise Car Rental. Kristofer Rangus, alumni in the Bachelor of Science Business Management program told her how important the mock interview was in preparing for the extensive interview process at Enterprise.

“Globe’s mock interview process was much nicer than the interview I had with Enterprise,” Rangus said. “Because of the practice and feedback, I felt prepared and confident during real-world interviews after graduation.”

The mock interview is a series of general questions, using both skill-based questions and character-based questions, for the student to answer. The questions relate to the job description which each student creates on their resume and cover letter. The feedback given on how they answered the questions is used to help identify how they will stand out as the employer’s number one candidate.

Teresa stated, “From my professional experience, the interview is what decides who will get the offer. All candidates can have a similar resume which brings them to the interview, but the details of the answers, their enthusiasm for the position, and their preparation shown during the interview separates them from their competition. We train students at Globe University to effectively discuss their confidence with both technical and soft skills, and motivate and excite them to interview for their new career fields.”