Love What You Do

Love What You Do - Globe U Career TipsAs the old saying goes, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Studies show that graduates are no longer seeking out jobs with large salaries and important titles. Most are looking for meaningful work in companies that align with their values. By combining passion and personality into everything you do, you’ll find landing a job and succeeding in your career field won’t feel like work at all.

Use Your Passion

Melissa Simon, director of career services for Globe University, says having passion is important whether you are job seeking or looking for career advancement. “Passion builds motivation. Searching for a job takes extensive time, energy and focus, so it’s important you have the passion for it,” she says.

You can leverage your passion through a variety of channels that will help you get noticed and be seen as an expert while doing what you love. Simon recommends using social media to show passion for your career field. “Position yourself to network with industry professionals by engaging with them on sites like LinkedIn,” she says. “Share industry-related content and display your knowledge and skills by creating a personal brand.”

Simon also suggests using your free time, part-time job or volunteer experience to express your passion and build your resume. If you enjoy cooking, start a food blog. If you love animals, volunteer at the Humane Society or start a dog-walking business in your neighborhood. This will show potential employers that you are already actively doing what they can hire you to do, such as being a food critic or veterinary technician.

Display Your Personality

Job interviews are another important place to show potential employers who you are. This is your chance to explain why you want to work for the company and why you want the position. “Many employers say that if they are faced with choosing between two candidates, they will almost always go with the one who displays a positive attitude and passion for the job,” says Simon.

Along with passion and a positive attitude, hiring managers look for employees who are good fits with the company and culture, even if they are less skilled. For this reason, Simon points out that it’s important to be well-rounded. “Employers want candidates to have soft skills in addition to technical skills,” she says. “Customer service, business communication and positive personality traits are just as, if not, more important than education and training.”

A good way to show a potential employer that you are a good fit is to display your personality. Use the follow-up as an opportunity to further show who you are. If you had a conversation with the interviewer about how you both love cupcakes, find a cupcake card to send as your thank you note. That personal connection will show that you not only have the qualifications, but the personality to add to the company.

Once hired, it’s important to continue showing your passion and personality in your work. Use your personality and passion to land a job, advance your career or just enhance your work experience. “When you enjoy what you do, you’ll ultimately be more productive and successful,” Simon says. To learn more about Globe University and career support services visit