Avoid the No. 1 Mistake in Job Application Process: Tips from Career Services

At Globe University & Minnesota School of Business we don’t limit our services to the classroom. We offer all of our students ongoing career assistance, which means we are here to help you before and after you graduate. You can utilize the service at any point in your career search. So whether you need help finding your first job,Interview transitioning careers or anything in between, we are here to help.

Some of the thing we offer assistance with include:

  • Identifying open positions
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Thank you letters
  • Mock interviews

CareerConnect is a great resource,” said Jodi Boisjolie-Rosen, corporate manager of career services. ” It is our online job board. Employers who want to hire our grads post jobs there. We don’t pull from other pages.”

It is also a good spot to find contact information for the career services team member at each campus.

Other Tips

As for advice on how to find your new career, Boisjolie-Rosen says to start with LinkedIn and Glassdoor.com.

“You can research companies, see the types of interview questions they ask, look at salaries and look for the open positions they have,” she said.

Once you find an opportunity you think is a good fit for you and you’ve applied, make sure you follow up 24-48 hours after sending in your application or resume. Boisjolie-Rosen says to call the hiring manager. If you don’t know who it is, she suggests calling the company’s mainline and asking for the hiring manager for that particular position. Once you have them on the line you want to make sure they received your resume and applications, express interest again in the position and ask for a timeline for hiring.

“This shows initiative, interest and gets them to pull up your resume. This in the No. 1 thing people forget to do and it is very important,”  Boisjolie-Rosen said.

job application formAlso, you will want to follow-up with a “thank you” 24 to 48 hours after the interview.

It should be directed to the person you interviewed with. If you interviewed with a group, send one to each person in the group.

“In the note, be sure to express interest, thank them for their time and personalize it with a highlight of the interview or something new you learned. We have heard numerous times if it is down to two candidates this can be the tipping point in your favor,” Boisjolie-Rosen said.

For those ready to get in the saddle, contact your campus career services office, or connect to our student portal. You may also access our CareerConnect service directly.

**Minnesota School of Business & Globe University offer employment assistance to our students and graduates; however, we do not guarantee employment. Some states require licensure in order to practice in certain fields of work. Please check with your state to determine if licensure is required in your chosen field prior to employment.