Set a Deadline for Success

GU_beat_themWhether you are in school, work or while job searching, deadlines are important. They enforce productivity and help you accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Getting in the habit of holding yourself accountable will help you out later in the workforce.

Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is essential to everything you do. Your professor, your boss and you, yourself, will designate specific dates by which certain tasks needs to be completed. Jessica Spanswick, director of career services for Globe University, points out that the deadlines given for schoolwork are great practice for the deadlines you’ll be expected to meet for projects and tasks in your career.

Get Done Early

Spanswick recommends always planning to complete projects, tasks or assignments ahead of schedule. “We’ve all been bitten by the procrastination bug,” Spanswick says. “Waiting until the last minute to finish something not only causes you to produce what isn’t your best work, but things can come up that might delay the completion of your project entirely.” Beating a set deadline will also save you from stress or anxiety you may experience when you’re down to the wire.

Working ahead has other advantages, too. “Especially while job hunting, it’s important to pay attention to the deadline the employer has posted to apply for the position,” says Spanswick. “Your goal should be to apply one to two weeks before that deadline because, many times, they will close the position early because they’ve already received too many applications.”

Stay on Track

In order to make sure you are meeting (and beating) your deadlines, Spanswick strongly suggests using a calendar – whether it be handwritten or on your phone or tablet – to mark when things are due and to set reminders for yourself as the deadline approaches. For larger projects, it can be helpful to break it down into smaller steps and set deadlines for each task along the way. “Set goals, and write them down,” Spanswick says. “It’s helpful to share them with others so that they can encourage you as well. That way there is both internal and external motivation to accomplish them.”

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