Top 7 Tips from Career Fair Employers

Health Fitness Specialist Program

Health fitness specialist students, April Klinkner and Pete Drury, chat with a representative from Energy Fitness

This year’s Health, Wellness and Safety Career Fair brought several employers, students and guests to the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis. The Career Services team at Globe University-Madison East and West provided this opportunity with the hope that students and guests would be able to sharpen networking skills, gain knowledge and feedback from employers and learn more about the health, wellness and safety job market.

This career fair also brought the opportunity for Globe students to show off their skills. But it was the opportunity to practice their career search skills that was a strong focus.

Since we want our students to succeed, we asked a few employers who attended the fair to share their top tip on job hunting in today’s job market.

1. Stay Involved: “My best tip is to get involved and stay involved,” said Deb Hartley, training coordinator at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. “Constantly look—don’t give up when you looked one day on a website and didn’t see anything. You never know how quickly things can change with personal staffing and the need for them. Stay involved and don’t give up.”

2. Personality, Make it Shine: “For a massage therapist in particular to make the most out of your externship experience,” shared Sarah Pigo, manager at Elements Massage. “Show a lot of personality. People can get wrapped up in the massage itself that they forget that it’s also about personality and selling yourself as well.”

3. Volunteer: “One tip I would share for someone looking to get into law enforcement would be to get involved in your community and do volunteer work,” stated Jill Tutaj, community awareness officer for Middleton Police Department. “Just to get to know your community that way would be very helpful. Start by going to school and getting your degree and go from there. Keep applying until you make it happen.”

Medical Assistant program

A strong handshake also matters. Medical assistant students chat with representatives from UW Health

4. Focus: “My number one tip on recruitment is to think about what you really love, think about what you’d like to see yourself doing and focus on that,” said Shelly from Meriter. “Keep your eyes out there and don’t get discouraged if your first application doesn’t work for you. Definitely keep trying and stay patient. It’s a tough market right now, but it really is going to pay off for you in the long run.”

5. Experience Every Angle Possible:. “I think the key is getting experience in multiple areas so that you can find out what your interests are,” shared Brook Lewis, wildlife rehabilitation supervisor at Dane County Humane Society’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center. “You are always more marketable when you come in with experience ahead of time. With the wildlife center in particular, a lot of people who are interested in zoo or exotic medicine can come in to get some great hands on handling experience along with medical care too.”

5. Attitude Matters: “We just talked to a fantastic medical assistant student who had the best energy ever. She was personable, looked us in the eye and had thoughtful questions,” said Erin Ward, medical staffing recruiter at BrightStar. “We told her that we’re starting to hire more towards those soft skills and for someone’s attitude versus what their basic skills are because you can teach skills but can’t teach someone to have a good attitude, to be compassionate or to have empathy. Those are things that could take someone years and years and they would still never get it. But skills are something you can train for.”

6. Opportunities—Take Advantage Now: “For students, taking advantage of any and every opportunity they can like these career fairs, mock interviews and resume writing are essential,” shared Michelle Stiteley, PHR, human resources at BrightStar. “Those are opportunities students should take advantage now before they graduate, because it’s what’s going to set them apart.”

There you have it—seven great tips which can help you get ahead in your job search. We want to thank the employers, students and guests who made this career fair a success and look forward to the next one in the near future.