Ultimate Guide to Maximize Your Job Search

GU_make_goalsWhen searching for a job, it’s important that you develop an organized plan. Staying on track with a schedule will help you meet your deadlines and reach your goals, and ultimately get you the job you want.

Make it a Priority

Competition in the job market is fierce, so it’s essential that you make your career search a priority. Andrew Kagol, director of career services for Globe Education Network, says looking for a job should be treated as a job in itself. “Dedicate full days to your job search process,” Kagol says. “Wake up early every day as if you would need to head out for work, and spend the day researching, applying and networking.”

Kagol also suggests creating a schedule with specific days dedicated to certain tasks. “Maybe spend Monday and Tuesday researching jobs, Wednesday and Thursday gathering materials, and Friday finalizing and submitting applications,” he says. Committing to a set schedule will help you stay motivated and meet deadlines as you continue with your job search.

Set Goals

Whether they are daily, weekly or monthly, set goals for yourself. Maybe your goal is to apply for 20 jobs this week or to reach out and set up three informational interviews today. “Setting goals is important because for every 25 jobs you apply for, you might only get one interview,” says Kagol.

It’s also important to set goals to attend career fairs and to network with professionals. “Networking is key,” Kagol says. “The more you network, the fewer jobs you’ll have to apply for because you’re already building those relationships.”

Stay Organized

Since you’re most likely going to be applying for hundreds of jobs, it’s important that you stay organized. Kagol recommends creating a separate, professional email account solely for your job search. “Create an email address that you can use specifically for job applications,” he says. “That way, you’ll keep everything together and won’t have to worry about important emails getting lost in the shuffle.”

Kagol also stresses the important of keeping track of every single job you apply for, documenting the company, job description, contact person, the reason you want the job and the date you applied. “An organizational approach is absolutely necessary,” says Kagol. “Having access to all that information in one place will make it much easier to jog your memory when a hiring manager calls you about a certain job two weeks later.”

One way to stay on schedule and keep track of jobs is to use an iPad app like Job Aware. Kagol explains that this free, downloadable app ties into the employment database indeed.com and files away jobs you’ve flagged as interesting to you. It then guides you through the application process, sending you reminders to submit your resume, send a thank you note and everything else along the way.

Making your job search a priority, setting personal goals and staying organized will all help make your job search process less overwhelming. If you stick to a schedule and meet your deadlines, you’ll be sure to find a job that is the perfect fit for you. To learn more about Globe University and career support services visit www.globeuniversity.edu/about-us/career-services.