How to Use Your Accomplishments to Get Hired

GU_paint_a_pictureTo set yourself apart, it’s essential to show potential employers your accomplishments. In an average of six seconds a hiring manager looks at your resume, you must paint a clear picture of what you have done to help your previous employers and therefore the value you have to offer them as well. By using specific examples and clearly explaining your achievements, you will catch the hiring manager’s attention and make them want to know more.

Use Concrete Examples

In today’s economy, companies are looking for their employees to positively affect their bottom line. Showcasing your accomplishments requires you to quantify them by explaining how you’ve saved them money, increased sales, improved ratings or completed projects on time. This will prove that you are the qualified candidate your potential employer is looking for.

“It’s critical to focus on your accomplishments rather than just your previous job duties,” says Melissa Simon, director of career services for Globe University. “Take a specific job duty and show how you took it to the next level.” Simon suggests starting by isolating each job you’ve had and thinking about what you did to go above and beyond or what you did better than your peers. Think about any awards or special recognition you received. “Instead of saying you provided excellent customer service, state that you received Employee of the Month four times in the year you were employed,” explains Simon.

Highlighting whatever makes you stand out and shows how you implemented a new process or idea to save a company time or money is key to describing your accomplishments. “Even if you are not able to quantify your accomplishment with an amount of money or number of increased sales, you can still state how you increased efficiency by creating a new filing system, for example,” Simon says.

Be Clear and Concise

Stating your accomplishments is important on paper, online and in person. You don’t have a lot of space or time to do this, however, so you must be concise, especially in an interview. “To effectively describe your accomplishments in a short amount of time, use the STAR method,” says Simon. “Explain the Situation and Task at hand, the Action you took and why, and the Result.”

The STAR method can help you quickly show how you handled a situation to reach a positive outcome. Because most people are modest about their achievements, it can be difficult to describe your accomplishments to a hiring manager. Simon says the STAR method is a good way to do this. “It’s hard to toot your own horn, but this is your chance to show the impact you had and how you resolved a certain issue.”

Employers want candidates who can help improve their businesses. If you can paint a clear picture using concrete examples how you have done this in the past, you will prove that are the one for the job. To learn more about Globe University and career support services visit