How to Use Your Accomplishments to Land a Job

GU_keep_track_of_achievementsSet yourself apart in the job market and prove you are better than your competition by displaying your accomplishments. Show hiring managers how you have succeeded in the past and how you will help their organization do the same. Always keep an updated list of your accomplishments, no matter how large or small, and be prepared to share them with peers, colleagues and potential employers.

Be Prepared

At any phase of the hiring process, a future employer may ask you what you can do for the organization or company that will benefit them. Being able to pull from a list of previous accomplishments and explain how you’ve helped other employers will show them why you’re the one for the job.

“Highlighting your accomplishments shows that you have a track record of success, and it’s an indicator of future success,” says Jesika McCauley, director of career services for Globe University. “Having a successful background gives you more credibility.”

Your entire list of accomplishments should be organized by date and job, creating a history of your success that you can easily add to and use for reference.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag

It can be hard to determine what is considered an accomplishment, especially if you’re humble, but McCauley assures there are ways to show your success, no matter how large or small.

“You can showcase anything academic, like honors or a high G.P.A., or anything you’ve accomplished in the workplace,” McCauley says. “Be sure to include facts, numbers and details that explain the result.”

Anything that makes you stand out is an accomplishment. The more details you can provide about how you implemented a new process, increased sales or saved a business time or money, the more credible you will be.

Share Your Accomplishments

There are many ways to share what you’ve accomplished with different audiences. McCauley explains that LinkedIn is a platform where you can list a wide variety of your accomplishments for the public to see. Your resume and cover letters, however, should be tailored to each job.

“In your cover letter, you should list those accomplishments that are relevant to the position you are applying for,” McCauley says. “In the list of relevant experience on your resume, highlight your accomplishments within those experiences.”

It’s important to be prepared to explain how you’ve been successful in the past and how you can be successful in the future at any given moment. You should be proud of all your accomplishments and know how to share them to help you in your career. To learn more about Globe University and career support services visit