Why the Holidays Shouldn’t Stall Your Job Search

Job seekers who keep at it during the holidays are more likely to find a job. There’s less competition, the season puts people in a receptive mood and there are ample networking opportunities.

Less Competition

Many people think that the holidays are a time to relax and take a break from their job search. Natalie Busse, career services coordinator for Globe University, says by all means you should take time to enjoy the season, but the reality of our digital world is that companies and hiring managers are still posting jobs, accepting applications and reviewing resumes.

“It’s a busier time of year, and most people take the time to focus on their families, spend time with them and go shopping,” says Busse. “But the right opportunity could be posted at any time, and you don’t want to miss out.”

Many companies have a goal of filling any remaining job openings by December 31, and with less people applying, you have an advantage toward the end of the year. Busse suggests using your extra downtime around the holidays to dedicate to your job search.

“Pull out your laptop and search postings while everyone is on the couch watching a movie, or focus on applying for an hour or two before bed each night,” she suggests.

Positive Vibes

People tend to be in a better mood during the holiday season. We’re more caring and want to give back, and the same goes for hiring managers.

“You may think the opposite – that they just want to get out of the office, so they have limited patience and conduct shorter interviews,” Busse says.

But according to Forbes, managers may have a lighter work schedule during the holidays, so if they’re in the office, they’re more likely to take the time to talk and meet with you.

Employers will also be more open to candidates with an optimistic attitude. Being unemployed can bring you down, but the holidays are a good time to remind yourself of all you do have, and in turn, your positive outlook can help get you hired. 


The holidays offer plenty of opportunities to meet, reconnect and network with a variety of people.Busse says get-togethers with extended family are great places to start. Tell relatives about what you’re looking for, and if they know of any possible employment opportunities.

Many professional organizations or city chambers host holiday parties, which are also perfect opportunities to meet people in your industry and those who are working at businesses in your community.

You can also use the holidays to keep in touch with your network, whether it’s a handwritten card, email or a quick greeting sent via LinkedIn.

“Wish them a happy holiday season, and ask if he or she would want to schedule a time to meet for coffee after things settle down in the new year,” suggests Busse.

The holidays offer many opportunities to volunteer, and it’s not only something to add to your resume, but a chance to meet people who can assist you with your job search.

“You already have something in common, because you’re all there to help the same cause,” says Busse. “Ask about what they do for work. You never know – it could lead to a job for you.”

If you’re bold enough, Busse says you can even strike up a conversation with someone in line while doing your holiday shopping.

“Never miss an opportunity to network,” she says. “The holiday spirit encourages people to build connections, and you can definitely use this to your advantage.”

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