4 Easy Ways College Students Can Stay Sharp over Summer Break

Minnesota SummerThe sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are no homework deadlines in sight. Summer break from college is a time when students can relax and recharge before starting their next term.

Unfortunately, summer can also be a time when your mind takes too much of a break. Check out these four easy tips to stay sharp this summer break.

1.  Write

Writing should not only be associated with term papers or mundane coursework. Taking the time over summer break to write is a great way to keep up your writing skill and have a creative outlet for your thoughts.

Consider starting a blog about a unique interest you have, your degree program, or even about topics related to the career field you are going to school for. By blogging about your future career field, you can learn more about the profession and the direction you want to take. You will also have a place where potential employers can see your work and understand your passion for the career field.

2.  Read

Believe it or not, reading can be fun. The pressure of being required to read for class is eliminated during summer break. Take time to check out the library or a local book exchange. Try reading a variety of genres of books and find what you enjoy.

Reading can be done in a number of environments during summer. Bring a book to the lake and read along the beach or set a time each week when you visit a coffee shop to read.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider reaching out to the instructors of your upcoming classes to determine if you can get a list of books that will be used in the class. In-between the time you’re reading for fun, read a chapter or two of your course books.

3.  Network

Why not spend some time over summer break attending local networking events or scheduling informational interviews with professionals in your field of study? Networking groups keep you focused on your career goals and allow you a chance to get to know people in the field. Your instructors or program chair may be able to connect you with local networking groups.You can also do a web search for local networking groups.

Informational interviews are another way to stay focused on your career goals while on summer break. If there is a company or organization you have an interested in, reach out to determine if there is an employee who would be willing to conduct an informational interview with you. This can be great practice for real job interviews.

Informational interviews can also introduce you to professionals. You never know… If they are looking to fill an entry-level position, they just may consider you.

4.  Exercise

While exercise should probably be part of our routine year-round, summer can make it that much easier to get moving. The weather warms up and can make for a more pleasant time to be outdoors. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise can both improve your mood, stimulating brain chemicals that make you feel happy and relaxed, as well as boost energy levels. Mayo Clinic recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Even for those you do not work out regularly, taking a walk around the lake or swimming at a community pool are ways to get some exercise in while enjoying the season.

Summer is an exciting and busy time for most college students. While you should most definitely enjoy your time away from your usual routine, keep these tips in mind while planning out your summer schedule.