4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Time Better in College

time management, collegeLectures, studying, projects, exams, working, etc. College can be a fun and exciting experience, but there are times when it seems that you can’t quite reach the bottom of your to-do list. While it can take some time to get into a routine, the following are four ways you can better manage your time.

1.  Find your ideal class schedule

Some colleges offer a variety of class schedule options for students. Finding a schedule that best fits your lifestyle is something you should consider when registering for classes. If you are working while attending college, make sure to consider your work schedule and determine whether that schedule will change in the near future.

Many colleges also offer online or hybrid class schedules. Depending on the type of degree program you are seeking, colleges may offer the opportunity for you to enroll in online classes for 100 percent of the program, while other programs may offer students a chance to take a mixture of online and residential classes. For many students, the flexibility that comes with online courses make it easy to balance obligations, but can also require a great deal of dedication.

2.  Plan out your week…Every week

You certainly want to avoid procrastination at all costs during college. While life can become hectic at times, a detailed schedule can help you better manage the time that you have available. By using a calendar or planner to create a detailed weekly schedule, you can more effectively plan all of your weekly tasks.

Be sure to use your calendar or planner to record your class and work schedule, as well as any personal events you are attending. This will allow you to more easily determine when you have time to schedule study sessions. It can be easier to combat procrastination if you have dedicated time scheduled throughout your week for study sessions.

3.  Get support

Part of utilizing your time wisely is knowing when to ask for help. At one time or another, everyone needs support. If you are unclear of a topic you have gone over in one of your classes, schedule a time right away to meet with your instructor or join a study group with fellow classmates.

During the time you have scheduled for studying or completing homework, it is important that you have an environment that is free of distractions. Although it may not always be possible, if you have children, try to schedule your study or homework time for when your children are not in need of your attention. If you have family or friends who would be willing to babysit, they could be an ideal support to you.

4.  Find stress relief

It is also important to try to avoid burnout. If you find yourself so stressed or exhausted that you are unable to focus, effectively managing your time will likely be impossible. Getting a full night of sleep each night is key to proper focus.

Also, be sure to find activities you enjoy that help you unwind and clear your mind. Going to the gym, taking a walk, listening to music, doing yoga or spending an evening with friends can all be ways to relax. While college can be a busy time, don’t forget to schedule time to have fun.