5 Tips for Success in the Classroom and Making the Grade

Are you interested in learning what it takes to be successful in college and improving your chances of landing a job after graduation?

Check out these five tips from Globe University students and faculty about ways they stay on track.

1. Want to be like Dana? Then get organized!

Veterinary technology students work together to prepare for final exams

Dana Repta, health care management student, says that staying organized is one of the most important pieces of her success, especially with online classes. Dana shared her organizational system that’s landed her on the high honors list each quarter:

Write down information for each class that you are taking: This can include class title, instructors name and contact information, assignments, due dates and topics covered each week.

Identify major assignments and projects: Identifying these early helps Dana prioritize and allocate time accordingly.

Create a weekly checklist and update it often: By creating a checklist of all assignments for each class, Dana is able to keep track of her progress and stay on top of due dates. She initials next to each assignment once it is complete, which is a small celebration of completion.

Keep the information accessible: Dana tracks everything in a notebook, which she carries with her every day. She said the notebook works well for her, but recognizes that a student planner or iPad could also work. It is completely up to you!

2. Seriously, it is ok to ask for help

Congratulations to all Globe University-Eau Claire honors students

Medical assistant student Angela Rahl is well known on campus for her strong work ethic and motivation to succeed. Even with all of her success, Angela says she is not afraid to ask for help or seek out additional resources. She recommends using open labs, e-library resources, tutoring, study groups and instructors as ways to get the extra help needed to be successful.

3. Want to be my study buddy?

Like Angela Rahl, Amanda Haats, veterinary technology student, also utilizes study groups when preparing for exams. She often gets together with her fellow classmates, before, in-between and after class. The frequency in which they meet plays a big part in the group’s success. Amanda said meeting with her friends, “allows us to share information, keep each other motivated and calm. We remind everyone in the group that they can do it!”

4. Don’t be afraid to get involved—it’s fun!

Samantha Robotka, criminal justice student, recommends finding ways to get involved on campus. For her, the Justice Association has been a great opportunity to do just that. Through the association Samantha was able to meet other students in her program, volunteer in the community and network with possible employers. She said these activities helped her to plan ahead and start thinking about her career early. 

5. Gary says “Go to class”

Globe University-Eau Claire’s online learning coordinator/master scheduler, Gary Wheeler, works with students each and every day to help them succeed. He stresses the importance of attendance and active participation in the classroom to those looking to improve their grades. As a part of the academic department, Gary is very familiar with each quarter’s top performing students and says there is often a direct correlation between both the honors and perfect attendance lists quarter over quarter.

Implement these strategies into your routine and you will be on your way to success in the classroom and making the grade!