5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Get a Job

Is it possible to get anything but hours of fun from pinning recipes, new home projects or favorite vacation spots out of the popular pinboard site, Pinterest? As it turns out, yes. With more than 70 million users, this visually-oriented and rapidly growing social network is proving to be a welcomed and attractive additional resource for job seekers. Pinterest can help you build your personal brand and get advice and insights related to careers, job search and professional development. 

Here are five trendy ways you can use Pinterest to advance your job search and build your personal brand:

Showcase Your Work

Standing out above the competition and increasing your chances of being noticed is much easier when you’re able to paint a clear picture of your past experience and achievements. Creating a pinboard that showcases your work will help display the value you offer a hiring organization in a much more compelling way.

This doesn’t just apply to individuals who are in creative or visual careers. Pins can be anything from jpeg versions of your resume, PowerPoint presentations or papers you’ve completed in school, presentations you’ve given at work, awards, recognitions and any recommendations you’ve received. You can pin anything that allows the reader to see a snapshot of the value you would bring to their organization. 

Target Companies

Create a pinboard that includes the companies you’re interested in working for. Give the pinboard an appropriate name and description, such as “Companies I’d Like to Work For.” Pin images from the company blog and Pinterest page. If the company does not have a Pinterest account, use the “share” on Twitter and Facebook option when pinning and include the company name in your status updates to increase your chances of the company being notified of your pin.

Targeting the company is just the first step. To successfully stand out, it is important you not only follow these companies, but actively engage with their pins. This shows your interest and notifies the company of your activity.

Follow Job & Career Support Boards

Following job boards such as InsideJobs, CareerBliss and FlexJobs can help you gain insight into anything from job search trends, resume and interview tips to discovering open positions. It’s important to engage with these career support boards to establish a relationship within the job seeking community active on Pinterest. By pinning and following these type of boards, you are also expanding your own personal job search knowledge.

Be an Industry Expert

If you want to send a clear message about how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your present or future career, create a pinboard that includes your specific industry’s hottest trends and up-to-date information. These pins should be both curated from the industry influencers you follow on Pinterest and from your own research on the Web. Part of your brand and what will attract hiring managers is how credible and helpful you appear. Creating an industry-specific pinboard is a perfect way to accomplish this. 

Get Inspired

Why reinvent the wheel when you have a plethora of resources at your fingertips? Use Pinterest to generate ideas and job search best practices from other job seekers and job boards, like the ones mentioned above. Pinterest has made this even easier with the new messenger tool it just released. If you find a pin helpful or you want to drum up a conversation around the topic, you can send a message, and anyone who has liked or repinned the pin will be notified. This is an entirely new level of networking and opportunity to get insider tips, which is exactly what you need in order to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Use Pinterest to help you land a job and build your personal brand, and you’ll be gaining the advantage over the competition in no time. To learn more about how the career support services at Globe University can help you advance your job search using social media, visit www.globeuniversity.edu/about-us/career-services.