7 Great Resources for iPads in Education

1. “The iPad Revolution- How Learning Will Never Be the Same Again”
Appealing to people of all ages, the iPad has many benefits to our education system. Teachers and students are both provided with opportunities to expand their knowledge. This small, hand held device will be the new piece of technology in the classroom. The following article discusses how it changes learning forever.

2. “8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education”
This article provides multiple examples of how iPads are improving educational benchmarks all over the US. From increasing test scores to helping raise literacy levels; this tool has proven itself in many different grade levels as well as subjects of school.

3. “48 Free Educational Apps”
The biggest benefit of the iPad is the countless apps it provides for students and teachers. This article gives a list of the best educational apps, sorted by grade level, for those looking to incorporate them in the upcoming school year!

4. “How I Use My iPad as a College Student and Educator”
This personal blog post is written by a student going back to further her degree. Not only is she enrolled in a full course load but also works full time. She tells us how the iPad has made organizing a hectic lifestyle and an abundance of schoolwork possible!

5. “Inkling Reinvents Textbooks for the iPad”
Are interactive textbooks the next big thing in technology for higher education? Sure, we’ve all had an online reading in some blurry PDF. This article introduces us to a company looking to make that a thing of the past and a collaborative reading the next great gadget!

6. “12 Principles of Mobile Learning”
With digital learning on the rise, it is important for educators to get the most from these devices for their students. The goal is to optimize learning in the classroom for both student and instructor. These 12 values placed on technology in the classroom put a focus on the change in curriculum and atmosphere.

7. “21 Reasons to Use Tablets in the 21st Century Classroom”
From easily accessible research tools to saving money on textbooks and other classroom materials, the iPad works to enhance today’s classrooms. Schooling is made much more personal with the use of this technology. This article highlights ways that these devices work to achieve just that in the classroom.